Bain & Company Seeks Associate Consultants

Boyce Whitesides '11 speaks with Davidson students

Bain & Company emphasized its diverse range of client needs and career paths in an informational session on Tuesday, September 10. Analysts spoke with Davidson students about what it means to work at Bain and provided insight into the daily life of an Associate Consultant. Alumni Ali Nycum Leibovitz ’09 and Boyce Whitesides ’11 presented, along with Jon Love (whose wife is a Davidson grad) and Recruiting Coordinator Kelsey Jackson. Rob Stevens ’14, who spent the summer interning with Bain and will begin as an Associate Consultant this fall, was also in attendance.

Bain is a top-tier consulting firm that specializes in pure strategy and works with senior management to answer the “big questions” that many companies face. Bain has worked with over 4,600 companies, including over two-thirds of the Global 500, and is a market leader in the private equity sphere. Boyce Whitesides walked students through a typical day as an Associate Consultant, which consists of coming up with the answer to better the client’s company, advising the client, and working closely with the team. He also pointed out that life at Bain is more than just work—he participated in numerous Bain sports teams, and became close with employees from around the world. The presenters also informed students that a career path at Bain might include a business degree from one of the nation’s top universities, or an externship at one of the Global 1,000.

Students await Bain & Company presentation

Bain encouraged all students who are interested in a career in consulting to apply. A cover letter, resume (with SAT scores) and unofficial transcript are due by September 13th at 11:59 to be considered for the Associate Consultant position. Recruiting Coordinator Kelsey Jackson reminded students to apply both on the Center for Career Development’s WildcatLink system and Second-round interviews will take place on September 30.

Thank you to Bain & Company for its continued interest in Davidson students!

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