Welcome to the Team Ashley and Saleem

The Center for Career Development is excited to welcome two new members to the team. In March, we welcomed Ashley Bodie, Exploratory Career Adviser and just last week Saleem Clarke, Fellowships & Experiential Learning Adviser joined the team. Ashley, a North Carolina native, joins us from the Universal Technical Institute. Saleem joins us from Pennsylvania, after working as a Career Counselor at Penn State Career Services for the past five and half years.

A North Carolina native from High Point, Ashley Bodie earned her Master of Public Administration from Strayer University, Bachelor of Science in Psychology from University of North Carolina at Charlotte and Global Career Development Facilitator credential from Center for Credentialing Education and National Career Development Association.  Ashley has over five years of workforce development experience. She most recently served as Senior Employment Specialist for Universal Technical Institute, where she assisted students with post-graduate employment and employer engagement. Ashley also served as Career Facilitator for youth, ages 16-24, experiencing barriers to employment for Guilford County’s NC Works office.  At Davidson, Ashley will be serving as Exploratory Career Adviser. She is excited to join the Career Development team and continue to assist students with realizing and achieving their professional goals.  In her free time, Ashley enjoys attending concerts and spending time with family and friends.

Also, a North Carolina native, Saleem found his way back home after attending elementary, middle, and high school in New York (where his mother still resides) and working as a Career Counselor at Penn State Career Services for the past five and half years. Through his work at Penn State Career Services Saleem has worked with adult learners, undergraduate and graduate students as well as alumni. Saleem worked across the University Park campus providing workshops to various student groups, provide students with individual career counseling, and has served as the instructor of CNED: Effective Career Decision Making (three-credit course). As an educator and counselor, Saleem believes student advocacy is one of the core elements of his work. Educators and counselors can serve as strong advocates for students who are learning to navigate their way through some of the more complex issues they may face in their academic, personal, and social landscapes. Saleem’s work as a career counselor, student-athlete mentor, and as a facilitator for Penn State’s Athletic Director’s Leadership Institute has provided him with the tools to be effective in helping students to navigate through their career development landscape.

Saleem has been constantly working to develop his skills as an educator and this Fellowships & Experiential Learning Adviser position at Davidson College is ideal because it allows him to help students in a practical sense. As a career counselor he has helped students navigate several career development topics including career decision-making, job/internship search strategies, and applying to graduate or professional school. Saleem also seeks to bring out the best in all the students he works with by highlighting their strengths, helping them to explore their interests, and encourage them to make informed decisions to help foster their growth as professionals. Saleem loves to write poetry and do photography. He also loves anything Purple!

We are excited to welcome Ashley and Saleem, as they are huge assets to the team and to the students of Davidson College. They are greatly looking forward to working with Davidson College students through advising, employer programming and professional development.

Ashley Bodie pictured left and Saleem Clarke pictured right.

Creating Opportunities in Times of Uncertainty

By Ali Menard ’22 and Shannon Lytle ’22 – Davidson College Women’s Soccer and Career Advantage Ambassadors

All over the world, professionals, students, workers, and families are being forced to find new ways to adapt and find their new normal. Nevertheless, life must go on. During times like these, we are reminded of how fortunate we are to be a part of the Davidson College community. We cannot thank the advisors, staff, athletic departments, and administration enough for the way they have expressed support, made accommodations, and shown understanding during these difficult times. 

Josh King, Assistant Director for Athletic Career Development, is an example of an advisor that has taken this challenge and turned it into an opportunity for growth. In mid-March, after students were sent home for the remainder of the semester, he reached out to multiple student-athletes who had an active presence at the Career Center. He recognized that it was going to be more difficult to connect with Davidson students considering most were displaced from campus. With this obstacle in mind, he decided it would be beneficial to cultivate a team of students to help bridge the gap that would now exist. It was from this idea that Josh and Kayla Corbin created a group of five student-athletes, now known as Career Advantage Ambassadors, that we are honored to be a part of.

 The job of a Career Advantage Ambassador consists of two main tasks. First, to establish a connection with specific athletic teams and inform them of the events that will be held each week. Second, to promote the main events that the Career Advantage Program and the Center for Career Development are hosting. To do this, Ambassadors use their social media platforms, and any influence they have within organizations throughout campus. Oftentimes, the job includes creating graphic designs, learning from professionals in the marketing and business world about how to improve our individual skills, and serving as a resource for all student-athletes!  

As both teammates and friends, we quickly discovered that we were both interested in pursuing careers in the business world. Together we began attending as many events as we could to learn more about the complex field of business and to practice our networking skills. Specifically, during our freshman year, we attended a session called “Girls Who Invest.” After the event, we could not stop talking about how inspired we felt. From this inspiration, we decided that Davidson College needed a platform for women to explore the predominantly male business world. Shortly after, the idea to create the Women in Business club was born. Although a liberal arts college provides endless opportunities for critical thinking, we desired a place where women aspiring to have futures in business could meet, share ideas, attend events together, support and inspire each other. In order to make this club a reality, we spent long hours with the Career Center and with Jamie Stamey who provided direction, advice, and support. Today, we have more than 40 young women in our club and continue to have frequent communication with the advisors within the Career Center regarding upcoming events that may benefit and/or interest our members. 

First, we were teammates on the Women’s Soccer team, then we were best friends, and now we are work partners. In our first two years at Davidson, we have learned what it is like to be a teammate in all aspects of life, not just on the field. We demand and expect the best from each other, we push each other, we work together, and we encourage each other in all facets of our Davidson lives. We are grateful to have someone we can depend on, both on and off the field. We look forward to continuing our work together; advocating and working with the Career Center, developing Women in Business further, and providing our members with as many opportunities and as much support as possible. 

We feel fortunate to serve as Career Advantage Ambassadors because the Career Center and its advisors have played a pivotal role in the development of us as young business women and in helping us explore our future careers. We hope that as Ambassadors, and in conjunction with the marketing resources and opportunities the Career Center offers, we are able to encourage others to utilize our fantastic advisors and to experience the opportunities that are continuously offered.

Soccer ‘Cats in Philly

Our life as Davidson student-athletes revolves around our sport and academics. Our education is never compromised, even when we travel. This season, Davidson women’s soccer has endured a strenuous travel schedule in the A10. Although missing classes is not ideal, the time we have towards our academics is very valuable. The Philadelphia career event, sponsored by the career center, was an impactful experience understanding the importance of navigating the Davidson alumni network and focusing on our future after Davidson. 

An aspect about Davidson that was not stressed enough during my first three years was the strong alumni network the institution has. Our trip to Philadelphia was a great example of it. Initially, the networking event was a bit nerve racking because I thought it was difficult to relate to Davidson alum who were at different points in their lives compared to me. Once I had my first conversation with an alumni, we ended up having more in common than I thought! My teammates and I enjoyed talking about the changing social scene at Davidson, our majors, our future career paths, and our love for the college. 

As the evening went on, the team got to hear from a handful of alumni on a networking panel. Ryan Northington (‘96), former Davidson men’s soccer player, emphasized the impact our position as student-athletes has on our resumes. He mentioned that when he reviews two applicants with similar credentials but one is a student-athlete, he chooses the student-athlete every time. Hearing this made me feel much better about entering the workforce, knowing the advantage I have over other applicants. Being a student-athlete brings important skills that can be applied when looking for employment. Team player, time management, communication skills are just a few examples that the panel listed that were key skills to emphasize. I learned so much from these Davidson grads, especially being persistent in making Davidson connections. 

The Philadelphia career event also included professional school panels for medical, law, and business school. I attended the Villanova law school panel which featured Villanova law students who were former student-athletes in undergrad. The admissions director went through the process for applying to Villanova’s law program, then afterwards we heard from the students about their experience when they applied to law school. Listening to their unique stories, I found a common theme about transitioning from being a student-athlete to a regular student. My undergrad application process revolved around soccer and where I wanted to play. Now, soccer will not be an important factor when picking which law schools I apply to. The law students advised me and other players to figure out what are the main things we are looking for in a law school. Maybe it’s financial aid, location, being close to family, or prestige. In reality, soccer won’t be one of them, but soccer can help us when we apply. Similar to Northington’s point, the Villanova law students encouraged us to emphasize the skills we developed while being student-athletes.

Overall, I believe this career event was helpful for every player to reflect on what directions to take during their Davidson career. Of course, my path looks starkly different from my freshmen counterparts, but we all learned that student-athletes are hireable! To achieve our desired career goals, we must be proactive in utilizing our alumni network, and ultimately being our own advocates when competing for internships or full-time jobs. 

Michele Manceaux ’20, Psychology & Political Science Double Major (Pictured Right)

And Now Introducing …..

The Center for Career Development is excited to welcome two new members to the team. We are kicking off the Fall semester with Josh King, Assistant Director of Career Development for Athletes and Julie Lucas, Operations and Employer Engagement Coordinator. Josh, a North Carolina native, joins us from Old Dominion University in Norfolk, VA. Julie, is returning to the CCD after spending time with the Office of Alumni and Family Engagement at Davidson College.  

North Carolina native Josh King earned both his Masters in Sport & Entertainment Management and his Bachelor’s in Sport Management from the University of South Carolina. Josh’s career in athletics began in high school while working with Duke Men’s Basketball Camps for nine summers, beginning in the summer of 2005. Since then, Josh has over a decade of experience working in college athletics and higher education in a variety of capacities. He most recently served as Director of Football Academics and Student-Athlete Development Coordinator at Old Dominion University in Norfolk, VA. There he served as the lead academic advisor for football, as well as serving as an academic advisor for rowing, men’s golf, and women’s golf. In the student-athlete development realm, he advised ODU’s Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) and SAAC Leadership team,  and lead the Monarch’s Career Development Programming for 475+ student-athletes. Prior to ODU, Josh worked at Texas A&M University – Corpus Christi as the Compliance & Student-Athlete Services Coordinator where he advised women’s soccer, oversaw life skills programming, and handled day-to-day operations for their NCAA Compliance program. During his time at the University of South Carolina, Josh worked with the Gamecock’s Men’s Basketball team as a four-year manager and was promoted to head manager after his sophomore yer. He also worked with the Office of Compliance Services with the athletic department as an intern during graduate school. In his free time, Josh enjoys attending traveling domestically and abroad, as well as training for half-marathons. He resides in Charlotte with his wife, Natalie King, and their two dogs, Harper and Koger.

Born and raised in Illinois, Julie Lucas, her husband and two young children, relocated to Southwest Florida beginning her career of working with students.  Twenty years later, she and her husband moved to the Davidson area where she started work as Office Manager at Davidson College in the Center for Career Development. A decade later, an opportunity became available to broaden her knowledge and work with the Office of Alumni and Family Engagement. Julie enjoyed interacting with alumni and understanding the College Relations division although it confirmed her love of working with students. Julie is excited to return to the Center for Career Development as their Operations and Employer Engagement Coordinator. When away from the office she strives to find the perfect balance between a highly productive and aesthetically pleasing garden. 

We are excited to welcome Josh and Julie, as they are huge assets to the team and to the students of Davidson College. They are greatly looking forward to working with Davidson College students through advising, employer programming and professional development. 

You Asked, We Listened: CCD Introduces New Office Model to Meet Students’ Needs

Davidson students responded and we listened! Over the summer, the Center for Career Development (CCD) implemented a new staff structure to best meet the needs of Davidson students. Our advising team is now aligned with targeted industries or serves the needs of specific student cohorts, which allows tailored advising and professional development efforts.

What does this mean for students?

Students can schedule an appointment with a specific adviser who is focused on their particular area of interest. Our advisers are developing expertise regarding resources, opportunities and best practices for professional development in their specific arenas.

“The Center for Career Development has always served as a champion to students and supported them through their career journey,” said Jamie Stamey, executive director of the CCD. “Our new model provides the opportunity to take this support to the next level by designating advisers to specific industries and student cohorts who can develop formal resources and expand employer and graduate school relationships.”

The new model also gives students the chance to develop a strong relationship with their career adviser throughout their time at Davidson. Students are encouraged to schedule an appointment with their respective adviser to introduce themselves and start the career conversation immediately. 

Without further ado, meet your CCD advising team:

Beth Adams: Assistant Director, Business & Finance

Abby Brown: Assistant Director, Education and Public & Human Services

Raquel Dailey: Assistant Director, International Career Development

Lindsey Dolan: Assistant Director, Arts, Entertainment & Technology

Josh King: Assistant Director, Athlete Career Development

Dalton Langdon: Exploratory Career Adviser

Gaylena Merritt: Assistant Director for Fellowships & Scholarships

Kelli Robinson: Assistant Director, Science & Pre-Professional (Law & Health)

Advising appointments are still scheduled through Handshake. Select the appropriate career topic you would like to discuss and schedule a time with your adviser that works best for your schedule. We’re excited to work with students and the Davidson community!

The Center for Career Development Would Like to Welcome…….

The Center for Career Development is excited to welcome two new members to the team. We are kicking off 2019 with Raquel Dailey, Assistant Director of International Career Development and Dalton Langdon, Career Adviser. Dalton, a native from North Carolina joins us upon completing his Master’s in Higher Education from the University of North Carolina Wilmington. Raquel, while also a North Carolina native, has traveled from afar to join the team, after her time spent in Belgium with James Madison University’s College of Business study abroad program.

Connecticut native Raquel Dailey earned her Masters in Higher Education and Student Affairs from Virginia Tech, a Masters in Teaching English to non-native Speakers from Shenandoah University, and a BA in Psychology and Spanish from Hampton University. Raquel has over a decade of experience working in higher education and is returning to Charlotte after seven years of living abroad. She most recently served as Program Coordinator for James Madison University’s College of Business, coordinating their Belgian study abroad program. Raquel also served previously as a Residence Education Coordinator at UNC Charlotte. In Raquel’s role here at Davidson she will be serving as the Assistant Director of International Career Development, focusing on serving our international student population. “Helping students discover and apply their passion to a profession where they can positively impact society is vital to the student experience”, says Raquel. “I am excited to be able to enhance career opportunities for international students and align them with a greater network of employers”. 

A North Carolina native from the Raleigh area, Dalton Langdon earned his Master of Higher Education from the University of North Carolina Wilmington and his BA in Economics and International Studies from North Carolina State University. Dalton recently graduated with his master’s degree, during his graduate program he worked in the Career Center at UNCW as their Certified Internship Program Coordinator. Through his graduate assistantship, Dalton was able to work one-on-one with undergraduate students to help them develop professionally throughout their internship process. He is excited to join the Career Development team at Davidson College and continue the process of advising students and help them achieve their full professional potential. In his free time Dalton enjoys hiking with his dog and is ready to checkout some of the nature trails in the area!

We are excited to welcome Raquel and Dalton, as they are huge assets to the team and to the students of Davidson College. They are greatly looking forward to working with Davidson College students through advising, employer programming and professional development. 

The Center for Career Development Welcomes Three New Team Members

Lindsey Dolan, Abby Brown, and Stephanie Burns join the Center for Career Development
Lindsey Dolan, Abby Brown, and Stephanie Burns join the Center for Career Development team

The new year is a time for beginnings, and the Center for Career Development is ringing in 2018 with three new assistant directors. Stephanie Burns, Lindsey Dolan, and Abby Brown are thrilled to be joining the team and can’t wait to utilize their backgrounds and experiences in non-profit, higher education, marketing, and professional development to help Davidson students achieve their career goals.

A recent transplant from Massachusetts, Stephanie Burns earned both her MFA in Creative Writing and BA in Theater Studies from Emerson College in Boston. For over a decade, Stephanie has worked in various roles within higher education, using her experience as a writer to focus on communication and marketing. Stephanie has worked to help undergraduate, graduate, and professional studies students succeed, most recently guiding students on the path to graduate school as Assistant Director of Graduate Admission at Suffolk University. “I know what it was like to be embarking on my career without knowing the best place to start,” she says. “ I know what it was like to know what I wanted to do, but not know how to get there.  That’s why I’m passionate about helping students take those critical first steps that will lead them into the vibrant careers they’re looking for, and I’m so looking forward to working with the high-achieving, dynamic student body here at Davidson.”

Ovid, MI native Lindsey Dolan earned her Master of Public Administration degree from Wayne State University and her BS in Public Health from Central Michigan University. With a background in the non-profit sector, Lindsey comes to us most recently from the Muscular Dystrophy Association, where she worked with families diagnosed with muscle diseases and connected them to resources and services to assist with daily living needs, along with planning for future needs and goals.  She served as director of MDA’s annual summer camp, where kids go to spend “the best week of the year” building friendships and gaining confidence and independence. “I’ve always loved and valued education and I’m excited to have the opportunity to work with students in preparing for their career or next educational path,” she says.  “I look forward to working and engaging employer partners to bring exciting career opportunities to students.”

Abby Brown most recently served as Assistant Director of Professional Development for the Niblock Student Center at UNC Charlotte’s Belk College of Business. In this role, she delivered professional development workshops, managed the internships for academic credit program, and co-led the school’s Business Learning Community. Hailing from Belmont, NC, Abby earned her bachelor’s degree in Art History at UNC Charlotte and her master’s degree in Management and Leadership from Liberty University. On joining the Wildcat community, Abby says, “I am most excited about having the opportunity to work closely with Davidson’s students and guide them in realizing and achieving their career goals. Additionally, I am looking forward to working in a highly impactful, collaborative team environment.”

Along with the rest of the Center for Career Development team, Stephanie, Lindsey, and Abby look forward to engaging with students during our many events and one-on-one advising appointments throughout the year. As always, students are encouraged to keep a close eye on Handshake for upcoming workshops, networking opportunities, and career information sessions with industry leaders.