It’s Easy to Meet Recruiters at Information Sessions

By Damian White, Career Services Ambassador

After attending a Red Ventures information session a few weeks ago, I recognized the importance of having face-to-face interactions with potential employers. The brief, yet thorough, presentation left students excited about the company, and several great questions were asked during the Q & A period. The representatives from Red Ventures were willing to chat before and after the sessions, which showed me that they were truly interested in Davidson students. Additionally, they were very willing to exchange contact information. This information session energized me, and left me wanting to attend other information sessions.

Information sessions are helpful as they provide an invaluable opportunity to network with potential employers. They are also a chance to meet recruiters and leave an impression that might be the “difference maker” when employers are sifting through piles of resumes. When you attend the information session, you are in a unique position to secure business cards or contact information from the recruiters, giving you that direct access to company or organizational representatives. Also, during information sessions, recruiters frequently give tips on what types of experiences to include in a resume or cover letter.

Information sessions are a chance for employers to present their company or organization to Davidson College students. Campus recruiters (often Davidson grads) generally have prepared short presentations highlighting key aspects of the company’s mission, values, goals, and culture. After the material is presented, the floor is opened for students to ask questions prior to the conclusion of the session. I would recommend that all students (especially juniors and seniors) attend as many sessions as possible. Key things to remember:

  1. Wear appropriate attire – usually business casual.
  2. Meet as many company representatives as possible – recruiters are eager to talk with students.
  3. Ask for business cards and contact information – you will want to follow up with recruiters you speak with after the session.
  4. It is not an interview! It is an opportunity to learn about potential employers and “network” with recruiters one-on-one.

Practice Interviews from the Comfort of Your Dorm Room

By Brennan McCormick, Career Services Ambassador

Interview season is in full swing for full-time positions, and few will dispute that preparation is often what makes the difference between an average interview and an interview that leads to an offer. With many students wondering how best to prepare, the Career Services Office would like to highlight a little known online resource available to all Davidson students – InterviewStream.

InterviewStream is a webcam-based interface that presents students with pre-selected questions and then records the student’s response. Students can practice interviewing from the comfort of their dorm rooms. After their online interview is complete, they can review the visual and audio record to determine their interviewing strengths and identify possible areas for improvement.

This technology can be especially useful in preparing for Skype and phone interviews. In both of these instances, the tonality of the interviewee’s voice is magnified in importance because the interviewer will not be able to effectively judge body language. Having the ability to listen to a recording of one’s interview responses allows students to put themselves in the interviewer’s place and reflect on their own performance.

While InterviewStream is a useful resource, it still cannot replace the value of face-to-face practice. However, I would recommend using InterviewStream as a starting point if a student is new to interviewing. It is a great way to get comfortable before practicing live in front of an employer. Once comfortable with interviewing, the next best step is to schedule a mock interview in the Career Services office. Whether it’s a behavioral interview, phone interview, or a case interview, the Career Services office staff will do everything they can to make sure you are ready for your next interview.