Practice Interviews from the Comfort of Your Dorm Room

By Brennan McCormick, Career Services Ambassador

Interview season is in full swing for full-time positions, and few will dispute that preparation is often what makes the difference between an average interview and an interview that leads to an offer. With many students wondering how best to prepare, the Career Services Office would like to highlight a little known online resource available to all Davidson students – InterviewStream.

InterviewStream is a webcam-based interface that presents students with pre-selected questions and then records the student’s response. Students can practice interviewing from the comfort of their dorm rooms. After their online interview is complete, they can review the visual and audio record to determine their interviewing strengths and identify possible areas for improvement.

This technology can be especially useful in preparing for Skype and phone interviews. In both of these instances, the tonality of the interviewee’s voice is magnified in importance because the interviewer will not be able to effectively judge body language. Having the ability to listen to a recording of one’s interview responses allows students to put themselves in the interviewer’s place and reflect on their own performance.

While InterviewStream is a useful resource, it still cannot replace the value of face-to-face practice. However, I would recommend using InterviewStream as a starting point if a student is new to interviewing. It is a great way to get comfortable before practicing live in front of an employer. Once comfortable with interviewing, the next best step is to schedule a mock interview in the Career Services office. Whether it’s a behavioral interview, phone interview, or a case interview, the Career Services office staff will do everything they can to make sure you are ready for your next interview.

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