Think Again About Job Shadowing

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  1. Can’t decide to go corporate or boutique?  Do you feel led to work with a nonprofit but have the skills to work in finance?  Job shadowing can help you narrow down your choices.
  2. All of the job shadowing hosts are Davidson alumni, parents and friends that want to help you!  So there is no reason to feel intimidated.
  3. Some hosts with hiring abilities use job shadowing as a screening mechanism for future internships and entry-level positions.
  4. Hands-on experience gives you content for your resume as well as language to use in an interview.
  5. We’ll help you offset the costs.  Students can request reimbursement for travel and accommodations.  We even have alumni that will offer their homes for you to stay in.


Approximately 100 job shadowing positions have been reopened on WildcatLink.  Check them out now and don’t miss the opportunity to expand your experience!

Please direct questions to Jamie Stamey.

Vault’s Top Internships for 2015!

Vault LogoDid you know that 40 percent of all full-time hires are sourced through internship programs? This means that, for those looking to work for the most desired and admired employers in the country, internships are no longer a luxury but a necessity. That is why the Center for Career Development at Davidson College is providing you with free access to these trusted rankings!

Vault administered its Internship Experience Survey earlier this year to approximately 5,800 interns at 100 different internship programs. As part of the survey, on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the highest, respondents were asked to rate their internship experiences in five areas: quality of life, compensation and benefits, interview process, career development, and full-time employment prospects. These ratings were averaged to determine an overall score for each program and develop a Top Ranking. Vault Graphic Step 1: Login to your programs’ Vault Access Link.

Step 2: If you are an existing user, please enter your log in credentials under the “Please Log In” section.  If you forgot your password or don’t know if you are a current user, click on the “Forgot Password?” link and follow the steps to resetting your account. If this is your first time to Vault, click on the “Create My Vault Account” link to register.

Step 3: Customize your account! We urge you to create a profile to the best of your capability to get viewed by top employers & recruiters, tailor your content, and apply for jobs and more.

Step 4: Get Started Now! Don’t delay, access Vault today. Check with the Center for Career Development for information on best using Vault. Feel free to search additional information such as our Vault Tutorial Video within our Support Center. Happy searching!

NEWS: Davidson Offers Students Reimbursement for Job Shadowing Program


To help Davidson students take part in the 2014 Job Shadowing Program, the Center for Career Development is making funds available to help offset travel and accommodation expenses.  Eligible expenses can include transportation and housing.  The minimum required to apply for funding is $50 in expected costs.  Expense reimbursements may range from $50-$200, depending on distance being traveled and necessity for an overnight stay. Please see the details below:

In order to receive funding for the Job Shadowing Program, Davidson students must:

  • apply to shadowing experiences on WildcatLink between October 27 and November 10, be selected for a shadowing experience and carry through as a participant in the program.

  • have had your resume approved by Career Development staff prior to applying to positions.

  • conduct one practice interview using the online platform InterviewStream prior to reimbursement deadline, December 1.

Students can apply for funding through this program November 20 – December 1.  Though we will make every effort to help each student who applies, should we be forced to choose among eligible students, priority will be given to students as follows:

  • Students with demonstrated financial need through Davidson.

  • Students who are offered multiple experiences through the shadowing program.

  • Students with the greatest anticipated expenses to participate.

Students will be notified of the maximum amount they may be reimbursed and have two options for receiving the funds:

  1. Prior to the shadowing experience, the approved amount can be deposited into your Davidson Student Travel Fund.  Upon return to campus in January, receipts and unused funds must be submitted to the Center for Career Development.

  2. After participation in the experience, students can submit proof of expenses (in the form of original receipts) and will be reimbursed for the amount spent or the maximum reimbursement allotted (student will receive the lesser of the two).

If you have any questions about the Job Shadowing Program or this reimbursement opportunity, please contact Jamie Stamey, Assistant Director for Internships in the Center for Career Development.

Thinking About the Job Shadowing Program?

As you hopefully saw in the announcement last week, registration for the Job Shadowing Program opens up for students October 27 – November 10.  We currently have over 200 alumni, parents and friends registered to host students from all over the country, in all types of industries.

Students will be able to apply for up to 5 shadowing opportunities.  Applications are submitted through WildcatLink, so you MUST have your resume approved by the CCD before you can apply.  Visit our website for info on our walk-in hours.

For those of you that have never participated, I spoke with current senior, Cleveland Stair, about his experience with the program last year.

Cleave Stair, '15, Political Science, Brooklyn, NY
Cleve Stair, ’15, Political Science, Brooklyn, NY

Q: What industry did you pursue for job shadowing?

A: Financial Insurance, Law, and Politics

Q: How many opportunities did you apply for?

A: 3

Q: What was the most rewarding part of your experience?

A: Shadowing someone in John Gauthier’s position. Because of the experience and his role within Allied Financial Services, I was able to witness the inner-workings of a top Assurance/Insurance company whilst sitting in on a few business meetings that would potentially lead to insurance/assurance investments.

Q: What was the most surprising part of the experience?

A: Two things. Gauthier’s autonomy was probably most surprising. Second most surprising thing was Gauthier consulting me on a few of the insurance investment projects.

Q: What tips would you give an underclassman for which this might be their first professional experience in their field of interest?

A: Definitely do your research beforehand, for being able to talk about financial insurance/assurance is more complicated than many know and definitely goes a long long way. It may just be a shadowing experience but the potential behind such an encounter with someone as high up on the ladder is immeasurable.

Q: Have you been in touch with your host since the shadowing experience?

A: I had been at least a few months after but we seemed to have lost touch.

Q: How did you write about the experience on your resume?

A: I explained that I shadowed the president of Allied Financial Services; researched several companies/projects prior to insurance investment meetings and subsequent to the actual meetings, “analyzed, assessed, and helped appraise companies’ assets.”



Career Development Ambassadors 2014-2015

The Center for Career Development is pleased to announce the 2014-2015 class of Career Development Ambassadors.  Trained to assist with peer advising regarding topics such as resume review, cover letter review, and mock interview prep – stop by and visit them during walk-in hours this semester in the Center for Career Development (Alvarez 201):  Sundays 3-5pm, Tuesdays 7:30-9:30pm, and Thursdays 7:30-9:30pm.

Emily Burke
Emily Burke ’15

I am majoring in economics and will be working in investment banking after graduation.  During summers off from Davidson I have pursued internships in a variety of fields including investment banking at Bank of America Merrill Lynch in the leveraged finance group and a boutique investment bank in Boston, management consulting at a firm in Washington DC, and foreign policy at the Brookings Institution, a think tank in Washington DC.  On campus I play the oboe in the Davidson College Symphony Orchestra, volunteer with the Office of Admission as a tour guide, and have served as the social chair of my eating house, Warner Hall.  In my free time I enjoy playing golf, reading, and traveling.

Colin MacKay '15
Colin MacKay ’16

I am majoring in economics and plan to pursue a career in banking, consulting, or financial accounting. I have served as the corporate social responsibility intern at Bank of America where I researched competitive trends in the CSR space. I am a member of the Davidson College varsity swim team and serve as a representative in the Student Athlete Advisory Council and the Davidson Athletic Fund Student Athlete Engagement Program. I am a member of the Symphony Orchestra string bass section, a fraternity brother in Sigma Phi Epsilon, and a member of Campus Outreach. My hobbies include camping, spending time with family and friends, traveling, and playing cards.

Braden Beaudreau '15
Braden Beaudreau ’15

I am majoring in political science and I plan to pursue a career in law, government, or public policy.  Last summer, I interned at Akerman LLP, a law firm located in Washington, DC, for a public policy adviser working on issues concerning higher education policy.  Previously, I worked in the Davidson College Center for Career Development as a work study student, where I managed internship databases.  I spent a semester abroad my junior year traveling across the breathtaking landscape of Australia and studying business and economics at the University of Melbourne.  I also write for the Davidsonian and perform spoken word poetry with FreeWord.  My hobbies and interests include intramural basketball, supporting the Red Sox, and going on adventures with my friends.

Catherine Lowenthal
Catherine Lowenthal ’15

I am majoring in psychology with a concentration in medical humanities.  I plan to eventually work with individuals with mental illness and/or  HIV/AIDS or other physical disease.  In my summers, I have served as a research assistant at the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence and interned at Broughton Hospital, a North Carolina state psychiatric hospital.  I have also worked in an orphanage for children with HIV/AIDS in South Africa, and volunteered at several programs for children with HIV/AIDS in New York City.  On campus, I work as a research assistant for a psychology professor and am the Vice President of Queers and Allies, Secretary of the College Democrats and a member of the Common Ground Council.  My hobbies include traveling and trying new foods.  My favorite quote is from Booker T. Washington:  “Associate yourself with people of good quality, for it is better to be alone than in bad company.”

James Cobb
James Cobb ’15

I am a Political Science major from Middlebury, Vermont. Next year, I will be working as an investment banking analyst with Morgan Stanley in New York City. Prior to an internship with Morgan Stanley this past summer, I worked with Gridley & Co, a boutique, M&A technology bank in New York City; as an equity research analyst with WEDGE Capital Management in Charlotte; as a summer analyst with the Davidson College Endowment; and as a consultant with the Atlantic Leadership Group in New York City. Through Davidson, I have been able to study abroad for two semesters in Ireland and India and the Middle East. On campus, I am the Vice President of Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity, a Chidsey Fellow, Terry scholar, and play saxophone with the jazz ensemble. My hobbies include reading, weight lifting, and challenging travel.

Daniel Reitten
Daniel Reitten ’15

I am originally from Tel Aviv, Israel.

I am majoring in economics and planning to be in finance after graduation. I spent my previous summer at the summer internship program at UBS in Sales & Trading where I worked on the FX spot trading desk in the New York office. Prior to attending Davidson College, I served 3 years in the Israeli Air Force. I played Tennis for Davidson during my first two years, and I got the chance to attend 3 different abroad programs. I am also a member of Hillel, and this is my seventh semester that I teach Hebrew here at Davidson. I enjoy music, traveling, crossfit and philosophy.

Leigh Miller
Leigh Miller ’15

I am majoring in psychology with a minor in French. I plan to work in Human Resources (hopefully doing recruiting), eventually pursuing a career in coaching for businesses. I have served as a Human Resources intern at the corporate headquarters for Chico’s and for Vans, working with the Recruiting, Learning & Development, and Payroll departments. I am a co-president of the Pep Band, and president of the Knitting Society. My hobbies include swimming, cycling, reading, and knitting.

Staying Sane in the Insanity

itf294081I have worked at Davidson now for exactly 48 days.  In that time,  I have found that the Davidson work ethic that was rumored to me is definitely real.  I actually heard there is a term for this specific time period, “Hell Week” – when everything is due at the same time: papers, projects, research, and more.

In the midst of it all, graduating Seniors are also eyeball deep in the job search process; especially if they are interested in consulting and banking.  But guess what?  It is all manageable.  And as difficult as these few weeks seem, thousands before you have survived the journey and are now living wonderful lives and working in professions that make “hell week” look like a walk in the park – and they love it.

So here are just a few tips to keep your job/internship search on the forefront as you are battling the demons of almost mid-semester:

  1. Come by the Center for Career Development for a walk-in appointment to have your resume reviewed.  It will only take you 15 minutes and you’ll be glad you did it.  Hours can be found on our website.
  2. Organize an application, interview, info session calendar so you don’t miss something you are really interested in.  Set reminders on your phone.  Follow @DavidsonCareers on Twitter for additional reminders.
  3. Don’t have time for a mock interview in the CCD?  Check out the new online interview practice system, InterviewStream.  You can practice at 2am, in your bed, in your pj’s and everyone will be amazed at how much you’ve practiced.
  4. Set goals for networking.  Even if it’s just online networking through LinkedIn or Alenda Links, connecting is important.  Typical rule of thumb…if you don’t know someone at the company, you’re unlikely to get an interview.

With all that said, try to get SOME sleep.  And if that’s just not an option, visit Summit on campus for a little extra caffeine and a relaxing atmosphere to get all that work done.

Davidson Alumni Represent Deloitte in On-Campus Recruiting Session

Billy Hackenson ’13 describes Deloitte Consultings’ focus on professional development for their team members.

On the evening of September 4th, four Davidson alumni represented Deloitte Consulting in an on-campus recruiting info session for May 2015 graduates.

Among the presenters were Andy York ’06 (Captain of the Davidson Recruiting Team), Billy Hackenson ’13, Mark Angel ’13, and Rebecca Weidler ’12.

The session provided seniors a glimpse into the world of a new Business Analyst working in Management Consulting.  As a Business Analyst, employees participate in a two-year rotational program where they have the opportunity to be involved with two industries, work with three clients, and participate in four roles.  The pathway from there varies as some second-year analysts will stay with Deloitte as full consultants and some will be sponsored to go to business school with the ability to return to Deloitte after completion.  The presentation was followed by an opportunity for attendees to network and ask questions about the application process.

Deloitte Consulting is part of a much bigger corporation, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited.  Currently, 10-12 Davidson alumni work on the Strategy and Operations consulting team.  The Deloitte team has historically hired 2-4 interns and Business Analysts each year from Davidson.  Approximately 40-45 alumni work across the entire organization including staff in the Federal Consulting division, the well-known accounting practice, and others.

Graduating seniors interested in applying for the Business Analyst position can find the full description on WildcatLink.  Applications are due by 11:59pm on Monday, September 8th.  In addition to applying through WildcatLink, applicants must also apply online at  The application process includes a resume with SAT/ACT scores (broken down, not composite), cover letter, and an unofficial transcript.

The first round of on-campus interviews will take place on September 19th.  Second round interviews will be held in the Charlotte office on October 3rd.  If you have any questions, please contact the Center for Career Development.

Meet the New Professional Staff in the CCD

The Center for Career Development is excited to share the news that we have a full staff!  This summer, we added three new employees to the office.  Learn about them below and come by to visit soon!

Assistant Director for Career DevelopmentTiffany Waddell | Assistant Director for Career Development | | 704-894-2191

Q: What piece of advice would you give to students who are looking to pursue their dreams?

A: Be open to experiential opportunities (internships, volunteering, networking) that will assist you in learning as much as you can about the  world of work.  Most career pathways are not linear – meaning, skill development and roles often call you to do a lot of different types of work, and work with different types of people.  Learn as much as you can and take advantage of the resources that are available across the college to develop yourself.  Most of these things are free, and many people are here to help make sure you succeed – visit us early and often.

Q: If you could be any animal for a day, which animal would you be, and why?

A: Although they frighten me just a tad, probably a giraffe.  I am sort of short – so the idea of seeing far and wide like giraffes might be cool.

Jamie Stamey | Assistant Director for Internships | Jamie | 704-894-2678

Q: What do you like most about Davidson so far?

A: I’m amazed at the dedication and thought that Davidson staff put into their careers.  It’s very clear that student success is top priority and it’s wonderful to work with colleagues that go above and beyond to create the best opportunities possible.

Q: What are you most passionate about?

A: The serious answer is my family.  The guilty answer is cinnamon rolls.

Kelly WeaverKelly Weaver | Recruiting Coordinator | | 704-894-2025

Q: Why did you decide to get into career development?

A: One of my favorite phrases is, “trust the process”, and I feel career development is just that, a process.  Working with employers and students through the process is rewarding, especially when everything comes together.  It is rewarding when a student accepts a position and knows their acceptance is due to the work they invested in the process.  It is also nice when employers find just the right fit with a student and express their satisfaction in the caliber of a student.

Q: If you could be any animal for the day, which animal would you be?

A: Having grown up in Florida and therefore spending a lot of time at the beach, I would have to say a pelican.  They glide with such grace just above the surface of the water while always looking below for fish.  When a pelican gets tired they rest on the posts of old docks or on the beach, not a bad place to take a rest.

To learn more about these staff members and the rest of the Center for Career Development staff, visit

2014-15 Davidson Internship and Job Challenge brings a new goal, increased focus

As we are approaching the start of the 2014-2015 academic year at Davidson, the Center for Career Development is gearing up for the fourth annual Internship Challenge.  This year, we are not only setting our sights on alumni, families and friends to offer quality internship experiences, we are also seeking supporters to recruit seniors for full-time positions.  For this year’s Internship & Job Challenge, our goal is to post 250 internships and full-time jobs, as well as to raise funds for students who cannot afford to pursue unpaid, high-quality internships.

Learn more about the Internship & Job Challenge on our Details about the Internship & Job Challenge website or contact Jamie Stamey, assistant director for internships, at 704-894-2678 / Send email to Jamie Stamey.

Thank You 2013-2014 Internship Challenge Participants!

Thank you to the alumni, parents and friends of Davidson that participated in the Davidson Internship Challenge last year.  We will be announcing some exciting changes for the upcoming  year, so be on the lookout! Read more on our website or contact us at 704-894-2132 /

1.  Bob Penny ’76: The Penny Group (Charlotte, NC)

2.  Zama Coursen-Neff ’93: Human Rights Watch (New York, NY)

3.  Andy Allen ‘02: U.S. Department of State (Washington, DC)

4.  Jason Carlock ’97: Red Ventures (Charlotte, NC)

5. Will Cowan ’97: Jefferies & Company (Charlotte, NC)

6.  Kwame Som-Pimpong ’09 and Whitney White Som-Pimpong ’08: Afara Global (Atlanta, GA)

7.  Embry Howell (Friend of the College): The Urban Institute (Washington, DC)

8.  Scott Keeter ’72: The Pew Research Center (Washington, DC)

9. Robert Pittenger (Davidson past parent): U.S. Congress (Charlotte, NC and Washington, DC)

10. Kim Burke (parent) and Andrew Dugan ‘13: Jones Lang LaSalle (Washington, DC)

11. Rob Hutchinson ’77: Goldman Sachs (multiple locations)

12. Blake Poole ’08, Peter Anderson ’13, Matt Martin ‘12: JP Morgan (Private Bank) (multiple locations)

13. Mike Kaplan ’03: JP Morgan (Investment Banking) (New York, NY)

13. Wilson McCrory ’07: McKinsey & Company (multiple locations)

14. Peter Paras ’13 and Nick Hansell ‘04: Deloitte Corporate Finance (Charlotte, NC)

15. Burton Vance ’81, Scott Irvin ’90, Paul Elizondo ’93: SunTrust Robinson Humphrey (Atlanta, GA)

16. Peter Hoffman ’00: Bank of America Merrill Lynch (Charlotte, NC)

17. Alice Ankamah ’08: Bipartisan Policy Center (Washington, DC)

18. Steven Westerfield ’10: Morgan Stanley (New York, NY)

19. Jean Reynolds ’98: Morgan Stanley Investment Management (multiple locations)

20. David Schermbeck ’13: Cisco Systems, Inc. (Raleigh, NC)

21. Will Funderburg ’09: Jabian Consulting (Charlotte, NC)

22. Pete Benbow ’07: Garretson Resolution Group (Charlotte, NC)

23. Mark Filipski (Parent) and Will Marshall ’12: Credit Suisse (New York, NY)

24. David Rosenberg ’01 and Mike Noonan ’91: RBC Capital Markets (New York, NY)

25. Brett Holloway ’10: Evercore Partners (New York, NY)

26. Doug McClure ’08: BMO Harris Bank (Chicago, IL)

27. Gardner Rordam ’07, Revenue Analytics (Atlanta, GA)

28. Michael Tellis ‘07, Kwasi Kyei ‘12 : UBS (multiple locations)

29. Iris Leung ’12, Emanate Public Relations (New York, NY)

30. Ivon Rohrer ’64:  Development Management Inc (Charlotte, NC)

31. Ed Harris (Friend of the College): Davidson Historical Society (Davidson, NC)

32. Marcie Gordon (Davidson parent): North Carolina Museum of History (Raleigh, NC)

33. Winn Maddrey ’91: TEDX Charlotte (Charlotte, NC)

34. Andy Schwab ’93, 5AM Ventures (San Francisco, CA)

35. Lawrence Cann ’00, Street Soccer USA (New York, NY)

36. Mike White ’93: Raymond James (St. Petersburg, FL)

37. Lloyd Chapin ’87: Barclays (New York, NY)

38. Camila Domonoske ’12: NPR (Washington D.C.)

39. John D. Breidenstine ’84: U.S. Commercial Service (London, UK)

40. Dr. William Elliott ’96: The Meridian Freedom Project (Meridian, MS)

41. Michael Sargent ’13: The Heritage Foundation (Washington D.C.)

42. Ross Saldarini ’91: Mountain Khakis (Charlotte, NC)

43. Mark Nesbitt ’12: Oliver Wyman (multiple locations)

44. Kaitlyn McElwee ’13: Dog as a Second Language LLC (Matthews, NC)

45. Deepak Talwar ’89: Talwar Gallery (New York, NY)

46. Laura Raney ’86: USAID (Washington, DC)

47. Ben Young ’08: Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine (Winston-Salem, NC)

48. John Odell ’83: National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum (Cooperstown, NY)

49. Madeline Parra ’09: Twizoo (London, UK)

50. Flaviu Simihaian ’08: iMedicare (New York, NY)

51. Tom Noyes (friend of the college): CommerceSignals (multiple locations)

52. Dan Murrey ’87: OrthoCarolina (Charlotte, NC)

53. Greg Macnamara ’12 and Paul Britton ’12: Analysis Group (Washington D.C. and Boston, MA)

54. Ryan Ferrier ’03: 60-Day MBA (San Francisco, CA)

55. Tim Ritchie ’83: The Tech Museum of Innovation (San Jose, CA)

56. Mark Williams ’86: R65 Labs (Durham, NC)

57. Lowell Bryan ’68 and Jack DeLoach ’12: Tresata (Charlotte, NC)

58. Andrew Lovedale ’09: Access to Success (Nigeria/Davidson, NC)

59. Laura Schisgall (Davidson parent): Societe Generale (New York, NY)

60. Elizabeth Brigham ’04: Jive Software (Palo Alto, CA and Portland, OR)

61. Virginia Summerell ’80: Tanger Outlet Centers (Greensboro, NC)

62. Dave Boldridge ’77: Cabot Microelectronics (Aurora, IL)

63. Hadley White ’08: Aspen Institute (Aspen, CO)

64. Stephen Block (Davidson parent): Harry Fox Agency (New York, NY)

65. Peter Martin ’00: Esquire (New York, NY)

66. Andy Kifer ’98: The Gernert Company (New York, NY)

67. Richard Thurmond ’94: Charlotte Magazine (Charlotte, NC)

68. Emmy Scandling ’08: Meredith Xcelerated Marketing (Washington, DC and New York, NY)

69. Gray Robinson ’12: Village Capital (multiple locations)

70. Amelia Lumpkin ’13: The Theater Offensive (Boston, MA)

71. Lila Allen ’09: The Metropolitan Museum of Art (New York, NY)

72. Ali Gores ’10: Coleman Research Group (Raleigh, NC)

73. Kelly Thompson Vaughn ’93: SpecialOlympics North Carolina (Morrisville, NC)

74. Mille Snyder ’87: Myers Park Presbyterian Church (Charlotte, NC)

75. Chan Sheppard ’92: Preston Taylor Ministries (Nashville, TN)

76. Claire Naisby ’12: Essex (Atlanta, GA)

77. Kate Minogue ’05: Millennium: the Takeda Oncology Company (Cambridge, MA)

78. Timothy Ogden ’95: Financial Access Initiative (New York, NY)

79. Audrey Edmundson Lenhart ’97: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (Atlanta, GA)

80. Gil Capps ’91: Golf Channel (Orlando, FL)

81. Bill Gullan ’96: Finch Brands (Philadelphia, PA)

82. Wilson McBee ’06: The Art Institute of Chicago (Chicago, IL)

83. Chris Pearson ’02: Two Points Hoops (Italian company; student will work in Lake Norman)

84. Justin Hartanov ’05 & Andrew Pickens ’05, Market Track (Chicago, IL)

85. Ann Clark ’80: Office of Deputy Superintendent and Billingsville Elementary/ Education Scholars Program (Charlotte, NC)

86. Eliza Hadjis ’13: BrickStreet Mutual Insurance Company (Charlotte, NC)

87. Kat Lehman ’87: The Episcopal Diocese of Bethlehem (Bethlehem, PA)

88. Ryan Zirkle ’09, Leigh Feldman ’13, and Joe Craven (parent): BlackRock (New York, NY)

89. Adair Armfield (friend of the college): Greenhill (Greensboro, NC)

90. Elizabeth Freeze ’06: Planned Parenthood (Greensboro, NC)

91. Lisa Zook Sorensen ’09: World Vision International (multiple locations)

92. David Slenzak ’99: Williamsburg Regional Hospital (Kingston, SC)

93. Robert Rostan ’93: Training the Street (Charlotte, NC)

94. Ivon Rohrer Jr. ’64: Development-Management Inc. (Charlotte, NC)

95. Matt Ferraguto (spouse of alum): Eckel and Vaughan (Raleigh, NC)

96. Prem Manjooran ’92: The Capital Group Companies (Los Angeles, CA)

97. Lori Cook ’99: San Francisco Department of Public Health (San Francisco, CA)

98. Chip McArthur ’09: Argus Information & Advisory Services (White Plains, NY)

99. Brent Hilleary ’82: Royce Too LLC (Winston-Salem, NC)

100. Laura Leibfreid ’96: Law Offices of Laura Leibfreid (Brooklyn, NY)

101. David McManama ’06: KeyBanc Capital Markets (Charlotte, NC)

102. Chloe Holderness ’98: Lex Mundi Pro Bono Foundation (Washington, D.C.)

103. Russell Stall (Davidson parent): Greenville Forward (Greenville, SC)

104. Lee Bruner ’04: Avenues: The World School (New York, NY)

105. Ed Murphy (Davidson parent): Merrill Lynch (Bridgewater, NJ)

106. Roshan Paul ’02: The Amani Institute (Nairobi, Kenya)

107. Paul Watson ’02: Ledbury (Richmond, VA)

108. Cristina Wilson ’10: Charlotte Observer Magazine Division (Charlotte, NC)

109. Jim Vail ’76 and Jamie Vail ’07: Mainstay, Inc. (Chicago, IL)

110. Adam Hill (friend of the college): Packard Place (Charlotte, NC)

111. David Oyler ’04: Faulkner Organization (Philadelphia and Harrisburg, PA)

112. Johan Galeota-Sprung ’13: South Bronx Health Center (Bronx, NY)

113. Aubrey Proud ’96: Crozer-Keystone Health System (Upland, PA)

114. Ben Gitis ’13: American Action Forum (Washington D.C.)

115. Eric Sapp ’98: The Eleison Group (Washington D.C.)

116. Myki Bajaj ’13: Gran Via Productions (Los Angeles, CA)

117. Lynne Ford ’84: Calvert Investments (Bethesda, MD)

118. Julie Earles ’90: Florida Atlantic University Psychology Department (Jupiter, FL)

119. Jim Patterson ’89: ACN Opportunity, LLC (Concord, NC)

120. Amanda Britt ’01: Panzanzee (Chicago, IL)

121. Pat Millen ’86: E2D – Eliminate the Digital Divide (Davidson, NC)

122. Connie Buehler ’82: Harris Williams & Company (Richmond, VA)

123. Will Brawley ’96: Consolidated Claims Group (Charlotte, NC)

124. Lee James ’89: Mythic (Charlotte, NC)

125. April Hanson ’89: Christopher and Banks (Plymouth, MN)

126. Susan Campbell ’85: Council for Children’s Rights (Charlotte, NC)

127. Jenny Everett ’97: Aspen Network of Development Entrepreneurs (Washington, D.C.)

128. Philip Dunklin (Davidson parent): Chartwell Inc. (Atlanta, GA)

129. Michele Houck ’87: Carolina Raptor Center (Huntersville, NC)

130. Marilu Hernandez (Davidson parent): Rainforest Alliance (New York, NY)

131. Leila Salisbury ’93: University Press of Mississippi (Jackson, MS)

132. Richard Busby ’88: Novella Clinical (Research Triangle Park, NC)

133. Jordan Starck ’12: Youth Development Initiatives/Education Scholars Program (Charlotte, NC)

134. Janeen Bryant ’04: Levine Museum of the New South/Education Scholars Program (Charlotte, NC)

135. Allison Jones ’12: YMCA/Education Scholars Program (Charlotte, NC)

136. Bobby Pittenger ’02: Robert Pittenger Company (Charlotte, NC)

137. David Kerns ’08: The Pete Holmes Show (Los Angeles, CA)

138. Simmons Lettre ’94: Charter Board Partners (Washington, DC)

139. Dave Oxner ’02: Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association (Washington, DC)

140. Randall McLeod ’08: Pulmonary Hypertension Association (Washington, DC)

141. Nafisa Isa ’08: Meridian International Center (Washington, DC) and Busboys and Poets (Washington, DC)

142. Anne Hedgepeth ’07: American Association of University Women (Washington, DC)

143. Mackenzie Warren ’10: Oxford University Press (Cary, NC)

144. Jake Leonard ’11: Volvo Trucks (Greensboro, NC)

145. Laura Rankin-Allen ’78: Charlotte Community Health Clinic (Charlotte, NC)

146. Kate Reutersward ’09: PR Collaborative (Washington, DC)

147. Roy Alexander ’64: Davidson Lands Conservancy (Davidson, NC)

148. Ed Spauster (Davidson parent): Richmond Community Services (Mt. Kisco, NY)

149. Johannes Zwick ’07 and Brad Batten ’09: Zwick Partners LP (Charlotte, NC)

150. Anne Lambert ’86: Harvey Gantt Center (Charlotte, NC)

151. Todd Newnam ’92: Encore Technology Group (Greenville, SC)

152. Jeff Larrimore ’04: Federal Reserve Board (Washington, D.C.)

153. Ryan Patterson ’97: Global Endowment Management (Charlotte, NC)

154. Sarah Lanners ’13: Community School of the Arts (Charlotte, NC)

155. Johan Galeota-Sprung ’13: South Bronx Health Center (Bronx, NY)

156. Shelby Wagenseller ’13: Joe Trippi & Associates (Washington, D.C.)

157. Kristin Kelly ’89: Charlotte Rescue Mission (Charlotte, NC)

158. Eric Sapp ’98: The Eleison Group  (Alexandra, VA)