Thinking About the Job Shadowing Program?

As you hopefully saw in the announcement last week, registration for the Job Shadowing Program opens up for students October 27 – November 10.  We currently have over 200 alumni, parents and friends registered to host students from all over the country, in all types of industries.

Students will be able to apply for up to 5 shadowing opportunities.  Applications are submitted through WildcatLink, so you MUST have your resume approved by the CCD before you can apply.  Visit our website for info on our walk-in hours.

For those of you that have never participated, I spoke with current senior, Cleveland Stair, about his experience with the program last year.

Cleave Stair, '15, Political Science, Brooklyn, NY
Cleve Stair, ’15, Political Science, Brooklyn, NY

Q: What industry did you pursue for job shadowing?

A: Financial Insurance, Law, and Politics

Q: How many opportunities did you apply for?

A: 3

Q: What was the most rewarding part of your experience?

A: Shadowing someone in John Gauthier’s position. Because of the experience and his role within Allied Financial Services, I was able to witness the inner-workings of a top Assurance/Insurance company whilst sitting in on a few business meetings that would potentially lead to insurance/assurance investments.

Q: What was the most surprising part of the experience?

A: Two things. Gauthier’s autonomy was probably most surprising. Second most surprising thing was Gauthier consulting me on a few of the insurance investment projects.

Q: What tips would you give an underclassman for which this might be their first professional experience in their field of interest?

A: Definitely do your research beforehand, for being able to talk about financial insurance/assurance is more complicated than many know and definitely goes a long long way. It may just be a shadowing experience but the potential behind such an encounter with someone as high up on the ladder is immeasurable.

Q: Have you been in touch with your host since the shadowing experience?

A: I had been at least a few months after but we seemed to have lost touch.

Q: How did you write about the experience on your resume?

A: I explained that I shadowed the president of Allied Financial Services; researched several companies/projects prior to insurance investment meetings and subsequent to the actual meetings, “analyzed, assessed, and helped appraise companies’ assets.”



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