NTT Experience – Consulting Program

Adrianne Cheung Class of 2017

This month, I am in Atlanta on a project, facing off with a group of 15 VP’s and Senior VP’s, standing up new sourcing initiatives. Six months ago, I was in St. Louis overseeing the first release of a new core system that took 2 years to implement. Before that, I was graduating from Davidson with only a semblance of where I was headed.

Google will only tell you so much about Business Consulting under the umbrella of a large technology company and a short blog will only tell you so much more. One thing I can tell you, is that the crux of program management consulting is living in change and ambiguity and being able to think through whatever situation lies in front of you on that given day. For me, joining NTT DATA Services through the Consulting Program began the process of acclimating me to the never-ending changes in the financial services world. I was able to create a support network of peers and mentors that I could go to with “silly” questions or feedback and guidance for the do’s and do not’s. Those connections are still the people I go to two years later when I want to talk through a scenario or find new perspectives on a solution.

More than anything, I was able to get a glimpse into project life through the conversations I had with first- and second-year consultants during the Consultant Program. New experiences can be daunting in any stage in life but for those of us new to the ‘real world’, having a friend to lean on can be a life saver. Every one’s experiences will be different. Every project will have its unique flavor. I have flown to new cities, spent hours at the Charlotte office and stayed in the client offices, while others worked from home, or were always at the client’s local office. I have sat for long hours staring at numbers whereas some coworkers have never looked at a spreadsheet during their tenure. Being able to learn from my peers’ experiences, shape my own path, and navigate the minefield of client delivery have been some of the most interesting aspects of my career thus far at NTT DATA.

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