“What Do Now?” – Charlie Kelly, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

By George Hatalowich ’20

Obviously, this is truly an interesting and critical time in the world. We must all understand the significance of COVID-19 and demonstrate proper behavior through practicing social distancing in order to overcome this virus and return to the normalcy we all eagerly desire.  We must also understand the importance of becoming adaptive in our everyday lives, routines, and tasks to achieve our goals. We must not look at these adaptations as disadvantages, but rather as unique opportunities to make progress in some form. Now, you might be thinking to yourself, “Okay, that all makes sense, but what does that mean in the context of a Davidson College student and their professional career?”

Well, this is a perfect opportunity for students to separate themselves.  For a senior, this might be taking an online certification that boosts their resume. For a junior or sophomore, this might be networking via email, phone, or zoom with an alumni or taking on a remote, part-time internship. For a freshman, this might be reaching out to the career center to discuss interests and how to navigate the next three years. However, what it is not is taking this time to kick-back and binge a TV show on Netflix.

So, regardless of how you approach it, your time can be spent effectively and could have major payoffs after the dust settles. With that being said, let’s use this time to progress our professional lives. Thank you for your time and stay safe. God Bless!

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