Welcome Back! A Note from Your CCD Marketing Intern

Hello! My name is Mahlon Henderson and I am working in Career Development this year doing social media marketing and blogging. I am also a member of Androgyny, an on campus acapella group, and am a member of Rusk Eating House. Whenever you have ideas about how Career Development can market themselves in new or innovative ways, or want to know more about an opportunity, shoot me an email!

One of Career Developmentā€™s existing programs that I am excited about exploring this year is the Selective Liberal Arts Consortium Recruiting Days (SLAC). This program reaches out to employers and encourages them to post jobs and internships online for Davidson students to browse through and select opportunities in which they are interested. Once students apply, employers will select the students they would like to pursue further and invite them to go to one city (either New York, Washington DC, San Francisco, or Chicago). Students are then able to travel to one city and interview with multiple (even up to 4) companies, in one trip. Killing two birds with one stone, huh? I believe this will be a great way not only to potentially receive job offers, but also a chance for students to talk to people in multiple fields and explore careers for their future.

This summer was a great one and a busy one. I began the summer packing up my car and driving up to DC for an internship at Calvert Investments that I found through WildcatLink. Here I spent 8 weeks working for this socially responsible investment (SRI) company creating social media content, designing web pages and marketing materials, and interviewing sustainability experts for public relations efforts. The internship was extremely rewarding and I felt as though I was always contributing and making progress for the company while I was there. Who knew how much creativity could be needed in the investment business!

Graduating with classmates at Tuck

In mid-July, I packed up and attended the Tuck Business Bridge Program up at Dartmouth College. Here, I was able to supplement my Art History major with some business knowledge through classes in Spreadsheet Modeling, Economics, Accounting, Corporate Finance, Marketing, Reverse Innovation, Negotiations, Organizational Behavior, and Business Communications. Through this one month intensive, I learned an incredible amount, and simultaneously I have been able to explore my interests in the business world. I encourage Davidson students to attend the Tuck Business Bridge campus information session, Sept. 10 at 11 a.m. in Union 209, to learn more about this opportunity.

Again, if you any have any ideas for Career Development or want to learn more, my email is mahenderson@davidson.edu. I look forward to hearing from you and I am excited for the year!


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