The Pamela Harriman Foreign Service Fellowships

The Pamela Harriman Fellowship Program is a nationally competitive and highly selective fellowship program, offering a $5,000 stipend for travel and living expenses.  Fellowships are open to eligible juniors and seniors throughout the United States.

The Fellowships provide funding for students interning over the summer in the U.S. Embassies in London or Paris, or the Secretary of State’s Office in Washington, D.C.

The College of William and Mary established the Pamela Harriman Foreign Service Fellowships in 2000 to inspire the best of a new generation to pursue careers in public service. The Awards are offered annually to three outstanding undergraduates from across the nation, chosen from students serving in a summer professional position with the U.S. Department of State in Washington, DC, and the U.S. Embassies in London and Paris.

Selection Criteria:
The Fellowships are open to students who:

  • Are chosen by the Department of State for internships in London, Paris, or Washington, DC
  • Are U.S. Citizens
  • Are enrolled as sophomores continuing on to their junior year, juniors continuing on to their senior year, or seniors continuing on directly to graduate studies
  • Show evidence of substantial scholarly research and/or creative projects
  • Show evidence of leadership, public service, and commitment to community
  • Demonstrate an excellent academic record.
  • Obtain an institutional endorsement from candidate’s college/university.
  • Strong, detailed letters of recommendation:  two total, at least one of which are from faculty who have taught the student.

The names of State Department interns who have authorized the Department to provide their information to other organizations will be forwarded to the Pamela Harriman Fellowship Board for consideration.

The Harriman Fellowship Board will then invite eligible candidates to apply for the Fellowship and provide application instructions.

For more information on the Pamela Harriman Fellowships: 

Fellowship Timetable:

Application Process:

General Information About the State Department Internships:

Specific Application Information and Forms About the Harriman Fellowships:

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