Summer Internships in Medical and Scientific Research

Interested in medical or science related internships for summer 2012? Compilations of internship sites can often be found online through colleges and universities throughout the United States.  Click this link to find a list of sites that have been compiled through Columbia University in the following areas:

  • biology
  • biomedical lab research
  • ecology and environmental research
  • marine biology – internships and courses
  • “other areas of biology” – primate behavior,  opportunities at the Smithsonian, computational and systems biology, etc.
  • programs for minority and “disadvantaged” students
  • summer courses
  • internships in the New York area

Please note that not all sites have been updated yet for the 2012 year, so keep an eye out for updates as the year continues.

It is recommended that you start searching now, as some of these application processes take a while to complete.  Many require pulling together your transcripts, letters of references, writing a personal essay, etc., and are competitive.  Good luck!

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