Media & Entertainment Internships and Academic Credit

If securing an internship in media and/or entertainment during the summer of 2012 is a goal of yours, you likely have seen internship postings that mention academic credit.  For example, MTV Networks requires that students who accept their internships receive credit for that experience.  Their website states, “You must be registered for an academic credit internship (i.e., internship class, seminar or transcript notation) with your college or university for the semester you are interning, and must provide official documentation on school letterhead confirming this information upon acceptance of the internship.”  Other major corporations like Conde Nast, publisher of magazines like the New Yorker and Vogue, also require credit.

Starting this year, Davidson is allowing students pursuing internships for which credit is mandatory (required by the internship site) to receive that credit.  While the course will not provide credit towards graduation and will not meet in person, it will go on your transcript, involve the creation of an eportfolio, and most importantly, allow you to do the experience.

More information on this course can be found on the Internship Compensation and Academic Credit page of the Office of Career Services website.  If you have questions, feel free to direct them to me ( or drop by walk-in hours (1:30 – 3:30 M-F) to speak with one of our advisers!

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