University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine Offers Unique VMD-PhD Degree

SARS – AIDS – Ebola – Avian Influenza –Anthrax –  Botulism – Plague – West Nile Virus –
Mad Cow Disease  – Smallpox

Over 60% of all infectious diseases of animals can also affect humans. Incidences of new, emerging zoonotic infectious diseases are also on the rise.

Veterinarian-scientists, by virtue of their broad experience in multiple species and extensive training in both molecular and whole animal contexts, are uniquely qualified to address the complex problems presented in modern biomedical research. Earning a combined VMD-PhD degree at the University of Pennsylvania’s School of Veterinary Medicine can prepare you for addressing these issues.

As part of the University of Pennsylvania, Penn Vet is a veterinary college and a partner in one of the world’s great biomedical research centers. The interrelationship between animal health and human health –Many Species, One Medicine™ – is at the heart of the school’s research tradition. Knowledge gained from studying animals is vital for understanding human disease. Biomedical research is entering an era that requires the application of molecular knowledge to whole animal physiology.

Students in the program receive full funding support, including Veterinary School and Graduate School tuition and a graduate-level stipend with student health insurance. Funding is also available in scholarship form through the Pfizer Animal Health Diversity Initiative.

Past graduates of the program have entered areas such as:

  • Academics (Faculty)
  • Biotechnology or the Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Government Health and Science Agencies
  • Public Health and Emerging Diseases
  • Regulatory Medicine
  • Contract Research
  • Military Service
  • Clinical Research and Clinical Practice

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