Duke Law Visits Davidson

During Thursday’s Common Hour, Mark Hill, the Director of Admission at the Duke University School of Law, met with Davidson students to discuss law school and the process for applying. Hill emphasized Duke’s top-tier education and small classroom environment, as well as the personal and professional engagement outside of the classroom that makes Duke Law students successful. He noted that Duke strikes a balance between theory and practice as evidenced in their two-semester Legal Writing Program, which occurs during a student’s first year at law school.

After a brief introduction about what distinguishes Duke Law School, Hill left the majority of time for students to ask questions about the admission process and timeline. During this time, Hill explained that roughly one-third of Duke’s students attend law school immediately after college, but this is by no means necessary. He also asked students to keep in mind that Duke Law uses rolling admissions, and encouraged students to apply before the February 15th deadline. The Director pointed out that while college record, LSAT, and recommendations and personal statements are weighted equally, the admission staff does understand that Davidson does not have grade inflation and that might be reflected in academic performance.

Hill closed the presentation by stressing that there is no perfect mold of a law student that Duke Law is looking for applicants to fit into. Instead, the Office of Admission attempts to determine if a student has both the potential to be an active and engaged law student and the foundations for a promising professional career.

Duke Law School will return to campus on Tuesday, November 5th from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m., along with a number of other schools for the Greater Charlotte Law School Fair hosted by Davidson College. Over fifty law schools will be in attendance.  Students can find more information about the fair and schools attending on WildcatLink.

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