You Majored in What!?

Read about CCD Student Associate Stephen Shank, and how he decided what to major in.

It took me a while to figure out what I wanted to major in.  The one thing I was always certain about was that my career would be in the business field.  Well, after taking Econ 101 in my freshman fall, it was clear I didn’t want to major in economics.  I had never been that great math and 4 years of it seemed like too great a feat.  So then I found myself feeling lost at a school with no general business program.  During my sophomore year, I began to find other areas of study that I was interested in.  I took a number of political science courses and found that I enjoyed learning about political strategies and government operations.  I decided political science was my best option for a major and now, as a junior, I still think I made the right decision.  It took three years at Davidson, but I now know I want to pursue a career that doesn’t align with my major.  I still want to go into business, and more specifically, the marketing and communications field. 

When people hear what my major is, they always ask if I’m going to pursue politics or go to law school.  I’ve found that your major doesn’t determine or prevent you from a certain career.  What’s important are the connections you make and the experiences you gain.  This past summer, I was able to land a communications internship where I gained valuable skills in the industry.  I also got involved with the communications aspects of projects and fundraising events on Davidson’s campus.  These experiences started to help me build my resume to appeal to future employers.  On top of these experiences, I am continuing to reach out and build relationships with Davidson alumni and other professionals in the area to learn what other skills I need to develop.  At a liberal arts school like Davidson, don’t freak out if your major doesn’t closely relate to the career path you’re pursuing.  Find ways to gain experience around campus or the community and don’t be afraid to reach out to people who can share their knowledge.

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