Pursuit of Happiness: Now Possible with Career Services

By Alexa King, Career Services Ambassador

What is my purpose here on earth? Am I destined to save the world through an amazing invention that will protect the environment or will I become a teacher like my mother, and make a difference in children’s lives?

The other day, while reading Kay Hymowitz’s book “Manning Up,” I began pondering some of these daunting questions. While she makes some interesting as well as alarming points about the future of society and gender relations, Hymowitz also reaffirms a reality for many of today’s American college students. Upon graduation, we will enter into a market place that is vastly different from that of our parents; while outlooks for the economy are somewhat negative, the career options are endless as opposed to decades ago when graduates chose from medicine, law, journalism, or other stable careers.

With a “knowledge economy” our options today seem to be limitless, as long as we are willing to get out there and create them, like Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, or Sara Blakely, the creator of Spanx. We too can have many of our dreams come true. As Hymowitz notes, we now have more time to explore and discover who we are. We want jobs that add meaning and purpose to our lives that align with our values and beliefs, whether that means working in environmental sustainability or private investment management. While some of us know exactly how we can pursue these dreams, the rest of us need some guidance.

Career Services offers a variety of tests and resources that can elucidate potential jobs and careers. Prior to coming to Davidson, I believed that my only career options were to either become a doctor or a lawyer; I had never considered becoming the director of sustainability for a corporation or even a public relations manager. Thanks to my visits to Career Services, I have taken a few exams that have given me more insight into the best career types for me. Here is a link to three great resources, – the Strong Interest Inventory (SII) (see a career advisor), FOCUS-2 (password is “wildcat”) , and SkillScan – that you can use to get started on the path to unlocking your greatness.

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