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Anna Blair Bullock
Anna Blair Bullock ’15

On Monday, September 15th, at 7:30pm, EY Financial Services Advisory will hold an information session, targeted at all class levels, interested in both consulting and finance internships and entry level positions. In light of this, the Center for Career Development interviewed Anna Blair Bullock (class of 2015), who had the opportunity to intern with EY in the Charlotte office over the summer of 2014 and will be returning as a full-time Analyst upon graduation in May.

Q: What attracted you to the company and role?

A: I had heard great things about EY as a company and was excited when a 2012 alum reached out about opportunities in the Richmond office. Through the interview process, I realized what a flexible firm EY was. I was able to interview with the Charlotte office and was so impressed by all of the people I met throughout the process. In sum, I was attracted to EY because of the people and the vast number of opportunities available in the firm.

Q: How is the culture at EY conducive of a liberal arts background?

A: Throughout my internship, I was amazed by the culture at EY. The firm is huge, with over 200,000 employees globally. However, within each office, there is such an inclusive, fostering community similar to that of Davidson. The liberal arts education brings a different type of diversity to the firm because of the different skills and educational background we have relative to other candidates.

Q: What did you focus most on the role during the preparation process and what resources did you use from the CCD?

A: As I was preparing for my interviews with EY, I really focused on researching the firm and the position. It was important to articulate why I thought I was a good fit for the firm and why the firm seemed like a good fit for me. I felt prepared and confident for my case interview because of the extensive info and resources to practice case interviews. I would highly recommend practicing the CCD case studies with other students interested in consulting.

Q: Now that you have accepted the full-time offer to join EY upon graduation, what are you most excited/anxious about?

A: I’m most excited about the chance to work with great people on challenging but engaging assignments for a firm that has so many different opportunities for change and advancement around the world. As someone who didn’t study abroad, I’m thrilled that I could spend six months or two years working abroad.

Q: What advice would you give to students waiting to apply for internship/entry-level positions?

A: Be sure to reach out to the firm when they are on campus – attend info sessions, send follow up emails thanking people for their time and asking any follow up questions you have.

Anna Blair Bullock is a senior Economics major with a Communications Studies minor. She is very engaged on campus, serving as a Team Captain for the Women’s Swim Team, a Tour Guide and one of the two Senior Class Gift Chairs.

Information Session: September 15 @ 7:30 pm in Alvarez College Union 209

Available Positions: Advisory Consultant Program – Business Advisor Program – Intern and Advisory Consultant Program – Business Advisor Program – Staff

Application Deadline for both positions: 11:59pm on September 18

On-Campus Interviews: September 25

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