3 Ways to Increase Productivity While at Home

By Stephen Shank ’20

As students, over the last few weeks, our college experience has been shaken up quite a bit.  You’re probably away from your friends, your typical place of residence, and could be struggling to create structure in your life.  When everything around you may seem hectic, it’s important to remember these helpful practices to boost productivity in your life.

There are three C’s that I recommend everyone should follow:

  • Connection- For at least the next month, close interaction with others is put on pause.  However, this doesn’t mean you should stop connecting with others.  As the end of the school year approaches, underclassman are looking for internships and seniors are in the job hunt.  Don’t forget to be proactive by emailing, calling, and connecting with important contacts on LinkedIn.
  • Community- Do what you can to help others as well.  This situation impacts everyone differently and you never know when you are brightening someone’s day.  It’s our job to be leaders in our communities and we can make these days a lot easier when we all work together.
  • Creativity- Take this time to be creative with ways to better your professional development.  Look up new programs you can learn. Maybe there’s a new skill you can master.  Find ways to improve your overall knowledge.

We can all use the extra free time in our day to find ways to be more productive.  It’s important to stay on top of your school work and find a daily structure that works for you.  If we all keep in mind the 3 C’s, we can all push through this hard time together, while staying positive.

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