Red Ventures Visits Campus to Recruit for Associate Program Positions

Red Ventures, a performance-based sales and acquisitions company located just outside of Charlotte (Fort Mill, SC), is currently recruiting Davidson students for four associate program positions: Business Analyst, Marketing Program Associate, Web Copywriter, and Web Developer.  They discussed these positions during their January 22 on-campus information session.

Red Ventures measures how people respond to online search results and webpages and then acts as a strategic partner to optimize the results. They have grown consistently since the company’s founding, currently serving 1,000,000 customers and taking on four or five new partners a year in the areas of video, internet, security, insurance, and energy.

Part of the reason that Red Ventures has been so successful, the recruiters claim, is the work environment that they provide. They focus on culture as their foundation and create a transparent setting in which everyone is accountable and given the opportunity to work on advanced projects. With a facility that includes a basketball court, they are also open to taking breaks and shooting nerf guns to increase productivity.

As they state in their position descriptions, Red Ventures is seeking students who “behave like entrepreneurs, consistently deliver results under pressure, thrive in a heavily quantitative and rapidly changing test-and-learn environment, and rarely confine themselves to their title.”  While the business analyst position requires analytical coursework in fields such as mathematics and economics, the others do not; the Web Copywriter position, for example, is well-suited for students who have honed their writing skills through their studies.

The four associate programs are currently posted on WildcatLink with a deadline of February 4, 2013.

Thanks to CSA Morgan Orangi ’13 for the information and photos in this post!

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