From Davidson to Deloitte through the Business Analyst Summer Scholar (BASS) program

Colleen Maher '14Recent Davidson grad Colleen Maher ‘14 had the opportunity to participate in the Deloitte Consulting Business Analyst Summer Scholar (BASS) program during the summer of 2013, which is the summer internship opportunity that Deloitte offers to rising seniors. Colleen is now a full-time Business Analyst with Deloitte Consulting, and she is here to share her BASS internship experience with you.

Can you tell us about your Davidson experience and how it led you to choose consulting?
At Davidson I was an Economics major, and I loved the liberal arts curriculum – I used to tell my 2nd Belk hallmates that I wanted to major in 101s! The diverse exposure to different topics was exactly why I was interested in pursuing consulting. I was involved in many programs at Davidson such as Honor Council, Warner Hall, and Building Tomorrow. I loved the varied opportunities to explore my evolving interests, which is something I found in Deloitte as well. As part of the Business Analyst (BA) rotational program we have the opportunity to participate in and lead firm extracurricular activities, similar to extracurriculars at Davidson. In addition to project work, these experiences allowed me to meet new practitioners and build a network in areas that interest me.

What is the Deloitte Business Analyst Summer Scholar (BASS) Program?
The BASS program is a 10-week summer internship that offers candidates the opportunity to be engaged on a real project experience, network with senior leadership, and learn about Deloitte’s culture and opportunities. BASS provides the opportunity to sharpen your analytical and business skills while working directly with clients. Summer Scholars have responsibilities that range from helping review client issues and interviewing key personnel to helping develop recommendations and preparing presentations. Moreover, participants attend a series of team-building events and office-wide meetings to hone teamwork and networking skills.

Can you tell us about your experience as a Summer Scholar?
Over the summer, I was engaged on an internal strategy project for Deloitte’s Office of Consulting. We were tasked to analyze global trends and anticipate their effect on Deloitte’s service areas to better inform senior leadership and drive firm investments. Throughout my project, I was given ownership of researching Nature and Resources trends, which included climate change and potential diversification of the energy mix. I participated in all components of the work – from the research stage to the data analysis and deliverable development. I had the opportunity to work with an amazing team who taught me everything from endless Excel shortcuts, to Edward Snowden’s geographic whereabouts, to how inadequate I am at trivia. We had great team lunches with “internet snacks” and dynamic conversations. I also had the opportunity to develop a strong intern network, and I still am very close with my intern class as we transition into full-time Business Analysts.

Deloitte University Interactive Wall
An Interactive Wall at Deloitte University

In addition to my project experience, I also had the opportunity to attend various training sessions and networking opportunities. For example, in the office on Fridays, we attended several lunches specifically designed for the intern class, where we would have a small lunch with senior practitioners and learn about their work at the firm. Other great experiences included our trips to Deloitte University (DU), which is a beautiful training facility outside of Dallas, TX devoted to developing and training Deloitte employees. We engaged in a project simulation and participated in training modules, all while enjoying some Texas sun and BBQ! During the summer, the firm also planned events for us including a Yankees Game and a comedy show in NYC.

What in particular led you to choose Deloitte?
I chose to pursue a career at Deloitte because of the opportunities for personal career development, excellent training experience, mentorship program, and the exposure to a diverse range of industries. At the end of the day, the people were really what sold me! All of the Deloitte practitioners whom I met through the recruiting process were incredibly helpful, engaging, and enjoyable. Moreover, the Davidson network at Deloitte is unparalleled, and I continue to be grateful for their support.

What advice would you give to applicants to the BASS Program?
Get to know Davidson alumni who are currently at Deloitte – we are on campus often and always excited to get to know new students. When prepping for interviews, practice cases with fellow applicants – you can gain a lot of perspective from giving a case interview to a friend. Learn to be comfortable sharing anecdotes about your previous leadership/internship experiences that can bring your resume to life, and familiarize yourself with past experiences that could be beneficial in behavioral interviews. Please feel free to reach out to me at with any follow up questions.

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