Why Choose Consulting?


Consulting is one of the most popular destinations for recent Davidson graduates.  If that is surprising for a liberal arts college, perhaps it shouldn’t be.  Companies look for characteristics that Davidson students are known for – agile thinkers who can use qualitative and quantitative information to solve complex problems.

Not all Davidson students who join the field made early plans to do so.  If fact, many of the current alumni discovered consulting by being talked into going to one of the information sessions.  Come and discover for yourself what the field entails and why so many Davidson graduates make it their first stop for an internship or after graduation.

Here are the upcoming information sessions and application deadlines for summer internships:

  • Bain & Company – January 13 session @ 7:30pm in Hance Auditorium, (Application Deadline: January 23)
  • Deloitte – January 15 session @ 7:30pm in Alvarez 408, (Application Deadline: January 18)
  • McKinsey – Application Deadline: January 18
  • Oliver Wyman – Application Deadline: January 19
  • Red Ventures –January 29 session @ 7:30pm in TBD

Here are some thoughts from Davidson alumni who pursued careers in consulting upon graduation:

“As a religion major, I didn’t have a particularly strong business background, but heard consulting provided an opportunity to quickly learn business skills and fundamentals across numerous industries so I decided to take a closer look. I found that consulting basically consists of helping companies think through their hardest questions and problems, which is not that different than the critical thinking and structuring of arguments I did at Davidson.”  – Boyce Whitesides ’11, Bain & Company

“Originally thinking I wanted to head to med school, consulting was never on my radar until I realized I liked the problem solving aspect of medicine more than the actual medicine part! After talking to a few people about alternative careers, consulting kept coming up. To me it is truly the liberal arts of the career world – I can continue to explore my multiple interests, while constantly challenging myself and pushing me to think outside of the box.”Tasha Samborski ’14, Deloitte

“Consulting provides an excellent first job for high performing students that are still uncertain about where they’d like to take their careers.  Recent graduates working at consulting firms quickly learn a wide variety of professional skills from experienced colleagues, are exposed to a broad range of roles and industries, and find themselves with excellent exit opportunities if the right moment comes along.”Mark Nesbitt ’13, Oliver Wyman

“Like many Davidson students, I considered banking following graduation, but after learning more about consulting, I found that the diverse experiences, focus on training, and career development that it offered were more appealing. In many ways, consulting has been a natural extension of the liberal arts learning experience that I enjoyed at Davidson, allowing me to explore a wide range of industries, companies, and disciplines.”Kyle Kinsell ’07, Bain & Company

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