MeadWestvaco: All over your house, and some great job opportunities

MWV makes every French's Mustard Cap!  Millions per year!
MWV makes every French’s Mustard Cap! Millions per year!

Maddie Parrish ’13 and John Stillwell ’13 returned to campus to present on their employer since graduation, MeadWestvaco.  The two of them are both members of a new Sales Rotational Program that will introduce them to several opportunities with the company over two years, both across the United States and abroad.  At the end of the rotation both plan to stay on at the company.

MeadWestvaco (MWV) is perhaps known best for their paper- and cardboard-based products.  As the producer for well over 50% of the cardboard containers for Coca-Cola and Anheuser Busch along with over 4,000 other brands, MWV is a major player in paper-based packaging in this country and around the globe.  In fact, they currently hold 79% of the global packaging market and have operations in 33 countries worldwide.

The important work of doing packaging well is both an art and a science.  Maddie stressed the importance of the hands-on experience of purchasing a product, and the importance of the look and feel on buyers decisions.  John recently took part in a testing day when they stress-tested cardboard cases filled with Budweiser.  In addition to being quite entertaining, they learned a lot about the weak spots of the containers and will bring these findings back to the designers for future improvements.

Another part of MWV related to their growing specialty chemical products business.  Through these initiatives they are involved with a range of other clients.  They are the sole supplier for carbon filters used to protect passengers and the environment from gas fumes coming from every car made in this country.  MWV has also come up with a asphalt that can be laid in colder climates and has a very lucrative contract with China to supply it.  On a smaller scale, they are the sole supplier of French’s mustard caps and produce many plastic pumps and other gadgets.  All of this makes for a large and wide business with multiple opportunities for their rotational staff members.

Producers of cardboard and paper packaging for 4,000 customers and growing!
Producers of cardboard and paper packaging for 4,000 customers and growing!

Based out of Richmond,Virginia, Maddie and John have already traveled quite a bit in their first year on the job.  Maddie will spend 5-8 months in Bristol, England coming up as well.  Their jobs are challenging, but also quite a bit of fun.

The Finance Rotational program is posted now in WildcatLink.  Look for other roles soon.  John and Maddie recommend that all interested students take a look at for the rotational programs and internships!

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