Launching a Career in Publishing

Many Davidson students express a vague interest in publishing as a career, but are unsure what the field entails or what specific career opportunities it provides.  If you’re one of these students, come to Union 313 next Thursday, October 27, at 4:30 pm, when we will welcome Carin Siegfried ’95 as a guest speaker.  Siegfried has worked in publishing as a buyer, editor, and sales rep, and recently started her own business, Carin Siegfried Editorial.  She will discuss four main things:  the different jobs in publishing, different publishing houses, how to get into publishing, and what Davidson students can do to facilitate starting a publishing career.

If you’re interested in learning more before the session, check out the Publishing and Journalism page of our website, which includes helpful basic resources.  You can also see Siegfried’s LinkedIn profile to get a better sense of her professional background.  If you are interested in networking with additional Davidson alumni working in publishing, stop by our office for an introduction to Alenda Links, Davidson’s internal networking system.  This system currently lists 78 Davidson alumni with the keyword “publishing” in their professional profile, all of whom are available for you to contact!

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