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One of the companies recruiting at Davidson this year is a young & dynamic consulting firm named Revenue Analytics, which you may not have heard of… yet. Revenue Analytics, or RA, works with some of the world’s largest companies to help them solve their toughest challenges and grow their business. For an inside view, we turn to two Davidson grads, Addie Balenger (’15) & Gardner Rordam (’07):


More than anything at Davidson, I learned to embrace complexity and distill a purpose in my daily work. At Revenue Analytics, I have discovered a company that pushes me to do both. The crux of RA’s work revolves around predicting supply and demand for many different businesses (don’t fret – non-Econ majors can still thrive at RA). Our teams design complex forecasting and optimization models for our clients to make better pricing and inventory decisions. Creating these solutions requires a unique combination of business strategy, data engineering, and statistical modeling. As I view it, we analyze and ultimately influence the axes on which the world’s largest companies turn.

RA also builds on my Davidson experience by equipping me with new technical skillsets. Because RA creates analytic technologies and new software systems, I must always keep learning.  My background in Economics and English coupled with co-workers who are software engineers, PhD statisticians, and industrial engineers makes for a dynamic team where we glean from each other’s expertise. Most importantly, my co-workers share an “intellectual curiosity” (as President Quillen would say) that I cultivated at Davidson, and that’s what makes me most excited for work every day. I view RA not as one stop within my career, but somewhere I can grow and thrive.


After Davidson, my career & life took a few unexpected turns. I couldn’t find (or define) what I was looking for after working at a huge company, with legal internships and in non-profits. Then, right around my law school graduation, I found an awesome company named Revenue Analytics. While on paper it didn’t make sense (Political Science/Law school background meets Econ, Statistics, & Data engineering), I felt a fit at RA similar to that feeling I got on my first visit to Davidson.

6 years later, I’m more inspired than ever to be here. I’ve watched the firm grow from 35 employees to over 100, and have been able to play in part in that growth and RA’s evolution. I’ve learned from an incredible array of colleagues, from new Strategy analysts to Operations Research PhDs to top tier executives. In those years, I’ve had a chance to partner with amazing clients at some of the largest companies in the world, working together with them to solve challenging problems and find new growth paths & strategies for their business. Just like my time at Davidson, I learn something new every day, collaborating with extraordinarily bright & inspiring co-workers to accomplish ambitious goals.

I’m truly excited for what the coming years will bring for RA and the impact we’ll be able to have on the lives of our employees and the growth of our clients.

There’s a lot more to RA than can fit in a blog post, but we think there are fantastic opportunities for Davidson grads to have successful careers here. If you’re interested in working for a growing company, in a culture that lives its values & enables its people to achieve their goals while also making a global impact, we’d love to talk to you.

Addie Balenger was an English and Economics double major wAddie Balengerho graduated in 2015. She started as a Business Analyst at Revenue Analytics in Atlanta, GA in January 2017. You can contact her at

Gardner Rordam
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Gardner Rordam was a Political Science major, graduating from Davidson in 2007. He started as a Strategist at RA in 2011, and now leads the Strategy Consulting Team as well as client engagements to generate organic revenue growth. You can contact him at

To learn more about Revenue Analytics, please visit our website ( or check out our job postings in Handshake.

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