Get Started on LinkedIn

Over 7,100 Davidson alumni and students are using LinkedIn and it is one of the most powerful tools you will use to connect with individuals who can provide advice and potentially open doors to future internship and job opportunities.  

Click here to get started on your account today!  

A couple of quick “getting started” tips:
– Connect with your Davidson classmates, family members and friends first.  Check out the profiles of some of the more seasoned LinkedIn users for guidance on creating your own profile.
– Join the “Davidson College Network” group.  It is a thriving community and membership in the group will help you meet interesting people.
– Use the “Advanced Search” function on the top, righthand  corner of the LinkedIn site to locate alumni who are working in specific career fields and geographical areas. 

Stop by Career Services for additional assistance.  The Career Services staff are on LinkedIn everyday and we would be happy to show you around the site!


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