Davidson Alumnus Leads McKinsey Info Session

Wilson McCrory '07 and Luke _____ .
Wilson McCrory ’07 and Levi Hetrick

McKinsey and Co. is increasing its effort to recruit Davidson students.  For the second time in five months, Wilson McCrory ’07 and Levi Hetrick, came to discuss strategy consulting, McKinsey, and the Business Analyst position at an on-campus info session. Students were given personal insight into the firm and the many career opportunities that come from experience at a leading consulting firm.

The Business Analyst(BA) position is the usual first role at McKinsey for graduating seniors, and an important role for the company. While they lack the MBA and years of experience of the Associates on their teams, Analysts are treated with the same level of expectations from the beginning.  BAs gain exposure to executives of their clients and do the same important strategy work as the other members of their team. Over the two years of the program, analysts can expect to work with several different clients and industries, gaining important experience that will help them to choose a specialty area later in their career. In their third year, analysts earn more leeway to choose what types of projects they wish to do. McKinsey will also sponsor Analysts who want to attend business school or other graduate education, with the expectation that the person will come back to the firm after graduating.

The global scope and close relationship with industry leaders puts McKinsey among the top consulting firms in the world.  The firm has a truly global presence with over 90 offices in more than 50 countries, and clients around the world. Both of the presenters talked about international clients and experiences through their work out of the Charlotte office.  These great connections and global scale also contribute to a vast network of resources both on the job and when people leave McKinsey.  The alumni network is always available to former staff members and includes complete alumni database and even alumni events. The goal is to make working at McKinsey a lifelong benefit.

Graduating seniors who are interested in this position must apply through WildcatLink and McKinsey’s website. The deadline is 11:59 pm on Sunday, September 14th. Applications must include a resume, an unofficial transcript, and office/practice preferences.

Juniors who are interested in interning this summer should be on the look out for positions in WildcatLink in January 2015.

Please contact the Center for Career Development if you have any questions.

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