Are you exploring the possibility of working for a nonprofit? Consider volunteering as one of the first steps to take towards developing your nonprofit career.  It is a great way to serve others and make a difference while developing skills and gaining experience.  Nonprofits like to see a history of volunteerism in a potential employee’s background, especially if you have volunteered for their organization in the past.  Most individuals who work in the nonprofit sector will share that their “first beginnings” were as a volunteer.

Campus Resources
The Center for Civic Engagement has a plethora of programs, grants, resources and service activities you can tap into for volunteering/exploring service-related organizations.  You can also explore student clubs and programs through the Civic Engagement Council.

Career Services offers a variety of workshops and resources on social service & nonprofit opportunities.  Login to WildcatLink for the latest workshops, internship and job listings.  Check out the Social Services & Nonprofits career field page, under the Student section of the Career Services web page, for a broad list of resources and career-related information.

Finding an organization you can support in a volunteer role, can provide a rewarding experience for both you and the local community.   Your service will build a lifetime of skills and “goodwill” for both you and those you have served, whatever career path you choose to take after Davidson.