Leadership Development & Rotational Programs

Leadership Development Programs and Rotational Programs are are a great fit for the liberal arts student as they allow you to use your skills to solve problems and offer the opportunity to learn about multiple areas of a corporation or to develop a more complex understanding of one particular aspect of a business.  Employers have created these programs to recruit and develop leadership for their organization.

Information on Leadership Development Programs at Fortune 500 companies and smaller organizations can be accessed through the following pages:
The Ultimate Guide to Career Development Programs

Duke University Career Services’ List of Leadership Development and Rotational Programs


Management Consulting -vs- Investment Banking

An interesting read for students considering both investment banking and management consulting paths after Davidson.  Keep in mind that this article is posted on a consulting website, but it seems fairly balanced.  Comments are welcomed from students, alumni and parents who have worked in either or both professions!

LSAC – Your Most Important Law School Resource

Whether you are exploring law school as a future goal or about to enter into the application, the Law School Admissions Council (LSAC) will be your most important resource.  You will use LSAC to prepare for and take the LSAT, which is a standardized test that is an integral part of the law school admissions process.  The LSAC website is also the place where you can research law schools, manage your applications, learn about financial aid options and explore specific diversity resources.

Welcome to Our New Blog!

The Office of Career Services has had a busy summer!  In addition to revamping our website and transitioning to a new career system, WildcatLink, we’re excited to launch this brand-new career blog. Our staff and student peer ambassadors will be busy this semester blogging to keep you informed about all things career-related.

Remember the weekly Career Services newsletters you used to receive?  We’ll be cutting back on the number of e-mails we send the entire student body in an effort to provide you with more specialized and pertinent information relevant to your particular career interests.  In addition to sending all students one e-mail per month with general news and event announcements, we’ll be writing career-specific posts on this blog and e-mailing you monthly summaries of what’s new on the blog in these areas.

Of course, we need a way to know who is interested in what career fields.  This is where you come in!  We need you to log into WildcatLink and update your profile (go to Profile and then the Academic tab), indicating your career fields of interest:  anything from Education to Banking and Finance to Environment and Agriculture.  This is the only way you will receive these specific career announcements.  Note that we will be using these e-mail lists not only to direct you to relevant blog posts, but also to notify you quickly of jobs, internships, fellowships and job-shadowing opportunities in your field(s) of interest.  Whether you are a freshman, a senior or something in between, these updates will have something for you. Don’t delay in signing up for them!

Best wishes for a productive fall semester from all of us at Career Services.  We’ll be in touch!