Don’t Count Tech Sales Out

Nicole Krykanov (’21) and her Manager at Meltwater

My name is Nicole and I’m a recent Davidson grad (c/o 2021)! I’ve been a Sales Consultant at Meltwater for about 8 months now, and I could not have found a better first job right out of college. All throughout my time at Davidson, I found myself searching so hard for what I wanted to do with my future. Being at such a prestigious school, you find yourself around so many goal-oriented peers that have an exact vision of what their future looks like, and I wanted to have everything figured out just like them. So, I found myself bouncing from major to major, hoping so badly that I would find my passion. Well, I did. Originally wanting to be pre-med when I came to Davidson, I found my passion in the study of psychology during my sophomore year. However, one of the beautiful things about liberal arts is that your major does not dictate your career. My passion for psychology in the classroom did not have to translate into practice or post-grad research, but instead could be a passion that I can have outside of a career. All of this being said, come senior spring I still had no idea what I wanted to do with my career. And it turns out I didn’t have to. The day before graduation, I accepted a tech sales position at Meltwater, a media intelligence software company. When I was applying for jobs, I never ever wanted to apply to a sales role. I looked down upon the idea of being a “salesperson,” and felt that there was a stigma around a type of job like this. Little did I know, accepting this sales position would be the best career decision for me. Being an athlete all four years at Davidson, I needed a role that kept me motivated and on my toes. Not only does the role excite me, but every day I learn something new about different industries and job markets, pushing me one step closer to finding the career I’ve been spending so much time worrying about. At the end of the day, sales isn’t a good fit for everyone. But, I would be amiss if I didn’t share my great experience at my company and in this industry, especially for those seniors who are in the same position as I was. For the seniors searching for jobs – good luck & don’t stress!! Please reach out if you want to learn more about Meltwater/tech sales… or just to chat – my cell is (757) 635-6521 and my email is 🙂 

Learning how to think like a scientist and grieve like a human being: my research experience at the Gates Center

By: Ellie Mackintosh

When I arrived at the Gates Center, I was at a personal inflection point. Academically, I had just finished my first year at Davidson and was beginning to entertain the idea that I wanted to be a professor. My biology and chemistry classes had affirmed my love for science, and I was ready to gain experience in a laboratory setting.

At the same time, I was processing the sudden and tragic loss of my godfather to a heart attack. I share this because it provides important context to my research experience. I didn’t begin my internship with dogged ambition or assuredness. Rather, I showed up adrift in the tumult, fragility, and devastation of an all-encompassing grief.

My time at the Gates Center, therefore, became the stage for both professional and personal development. I learned how to articulate my emotional challenges to the PI (Principal Investigator, or the scientist in charge of the lab). She worked with me to set a new schedule, adjust our research expectations, and provide the flexibility I needed.

Simultaneously, I gained exposure to a wide range of exciting research techniques. PCR, gel electrophoresis, necropsies, and western blots became physical practices instead of simply theories in a textbook. I observed surgeries and attended weekly seminars where research scientists presented their work. Because I was considering a career in medicine, the internship arranged for me to shadow a physician at the Anschutz Medical Campus. The directors of the program also organized group outings and projects that grounded us in the wider Denver community.

While I expected the Gates Center Summer Internship Program to change the way I look at research, I did not anticipate how it would impact my self-perception. From the moment I started in the lab, I felt like a scientist. My curiosity was valued, my contributions were validated, and my presence, especially as a young person navigating grief, was affirmed. The program helped me find the confidence I needed to continue pursuing a career in research, confidence upon which I’m currently drawing as I apply to chemistry PhD programs.

I will always be grateful for my time at the Gates Center. I’m thrilled that more Davidson students will have the chance to benefit from such an extraordinary opportunity.

CLICK HERE, to learn more about about the Gates Center Summer Internship Program.

Consulting Close to Home with Point B

Following graduation, Davidson alumni Laura Hiatt ‘18 and Henry Flores ‘21 found careers in consulting at Point B, an employee-owned consulting firm with 13 locations across the United States, including Charlotte, North Carolina. Hear from Laura and Henry about their experiences as consulting Analysts, and why Point B stood out to them among other opportunities afterlife at Davidson.

Why did you choose Point B?

Laura: Point B’s culture! Our values and actions aim to always do the right thing, which I find reminiscent of Davidson’s Honor Code. Here, I feel at home. Further, I am able to have a career where I work on a variety of consulting projects while maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

Henry: The people and the size. I interned at a larger firm and a boutique consulting firm before interning at Point B. I really enjoyed that there wasn’t a strict hierarchy and protocol (which is custom at bigger companies) and yet I still had many resources at my disposal at smaller firms. Everyone here is willing to help and genuinely get to know you outside of work no matter how senior!

What kinds of projects and clients are you working with?

Laura: I am currently working with a Utilities client on a data centralization and analytics project. So far I’ve worked in nine different industries on projects ranging from strategy to process optimization over the past two and a half years.

Henry: I’m working on a supply chain strategy and operations project for a multi-national electrical manufacturing company. This is my first full-time project and I’ve already learned so much. Constantly learning was something I valued at Davidson and I’m glad I can continue to do so here at Point B.

How has Point B maintained its culture with the shift to remote work?

 Laura: Our culture has continued via virtual happy hours, lunches, and coffees where we can connect with our coworkers. However, we are starting to have outdoor in-person gatherings to maintain our sense of community. We also have a quarterly stipend where we can take our family out to a meal on Point B to extend our culture to the communities we have outside of our Point B team.

Henry: Point B continues to support both virtual and in-person events. Some of the virtual events I’ve attended have been coffee chats and lunch & learns. I’ve also participated in the Point B Getaway Weekend in Las Vegas to catch up with company-wide members. These have been my favorite memories by far.

What kind of early-career support does Point B provide Analysts?

Laura: Point B provides internal professional development opportunities as well as an external training stipend. During your first year, you complete the Foundations Program where one of your peers works through lessons with you about Point B’s culture, our Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP), Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI), etc. and answers any questions you may have. Experienced leaders on your project or in your local office are always willing to provide guidance as well.

Henry: In addition to Foundations, each employee is assigned a 1-on-1 partner who serves as a guide to help answer any questions and a coach to help you reach your long-term goals. The Analyst Accelerator is also a valuable development experience. During this first week, members of your new hire cohort come together to form connections, meet with directors and company leaders to learn about Point B as a whole, and practice the skills you will use on the job!

How can Point B Analysts shape their career outside of just client projects?

Laura: Point B Analysts can shape their career by participating in a variety of internal roles in addition to client service delivery. For example, I am a Foundations Partner (a peer support to those completing their first year at Point B), a Campus Ambassador (help with campus recruiting in our Charlotte market), and I run our Charlotte Geo biweekly calls (hooray for PowerPoint and public speaking).

Henry: While there is a lot of support for new analysts, you are also given a lot of autonomy to pursue your passions and grow. There are groups you can get involved with such as communities of interest (e.g. Financial Services, Nextcontinent) and communities of practice (e.g. change management, data, and analytics). Personally, I’ve been involved in formalizing and growing the employee-led Hispanic & LatinX at Point B Business Resource Group (BRG) which seeks to create a space for Hispanic & LatinX Point B’ers to foster personal and professional growth, empowerment, and inclusion which are all very important to me.

To learn more about Point B and explore entry-level positions, visit the Students and Graduates section at