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Brillo Boxes and Campbell Soup: A Summer Experience at the Andy Warhol Museum

By McKenzie Roese, Career Services Ambassador

Claire Ittner '13 and one of the talented artists she met at the Andy Warhol Museum

Interested in art and its history? Looking to do something this summer outside the box that will get you hands-on experience in the art field? If this applies to you at all, then consider interning in the field of art management. It’s an experience that’s made a lasting impression on Claire Ittner ’13.

Being an English and Art History double major, Ittner has always been interested in learning about art culture and developing a better understanding of art and museum management. This past summer, she got the opportunity of a lifetime when she interned at the Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania as their curatorial intern. She worked directly with both the Curator and Director’s office to receive a truly intimate understanding of the inner-workings of organizing and running a museum. While I chatted with her about her internship search, she reflected back stating, “I wanted to get some exposure to the curatorial side of the art world to see if that was a field I wanted to pursue long-term.” Fortunately, the Warhol gallery position provided the needed insight into museum work culture.

Claire poses with another artist and his work at the Warhol Museum

In terms of her day-to-day experience, the Warhol never ceased to keep her on her toes.
Her work would greatly depend on what events were happening at the Warhol at any given time. For her first month she helped prepare for the Warhol’s first-ever off-site exhibition. Reflecting on the experience, Ittner recalls: “I spent a lot of time at the beginning communicating with them, ordering materials for those who were international, checking on framing, etc. I helped with the install as well, which was really cool, because I was working literally next to the artists, handling their work. They were fantastic and explained their process and why it was that they made the piece they did.”

Ittner’s experience provided her with great insight into not only museum work, but also the field of art management – an experience that will help shape her long-term career pursuits in the art world. Plus, she also highlighted “It was quite fun to work with so many young, forward-thinking people!” So if you feel the urge to experience the art world this summer, the Andy Warhol Museum might just be the place for you.

Sherburne Laughlin ’83 Discusses Field of Arts Management

On Friday, October 7, Davidson Trustee Sherburne Laughlin ’83 spoke to a room of 20 engaged students, staff and faculty about careers in arts management.  Many students in attendance had backgrounds in a variety of arts disciplines, including theatre and art history, as well as interests in economics and business.

After introductions, Laughlin spent some time discussing recent trends in the art world, encouraging students who interested in the management side of the arts to think internationally, outside of their specific discipline, and about the relationship between arts and cities.

In response to a senior’s question about how to break into the field, Laughlin advised students to search for various “assistant to” positions as well as entry-level jobs in marketing and development.  She also encouraged students not to overlook the value of unpaid internships and networking to get a foot in the door of an organization of interest to them.

Laughlin ended the interactive session by giving an overview of graduate programs in arts management, including the Masters of Arts Management program she directs at American University.  Currently, no PhD programs exist in Arts Management, which makes the master’s the terminal degree in the field.

If you were unable to attend the session but are interested in taking to Laughlin about your interests in arts management, you may contact her directly at slaughlin@american.edu.  Indicate that you are a Davidson student in your e-mail.