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Iris Leung, Class of ’12, Talks About Her Internships and Job Search

Iris Leung
Major: History    Minor: Chinese
Davidson Class: May 2012

What internships have you had while you have been at Davidson?
During my freshman summer, I interned at the American Museum of Natural History in New York, assisting the museum’s Education Department in creating and leading interactive tours for summer camp visitors. I also translated their “Journey to the Stars” planetarium show from English to Chinese.  The following summer I taught English in Xian, China to kindergarteners using bilingual classroom exercises, drama performances, and songs.  During my junior summer, I interned with Emanate PR, a public relations firm that specializes in consumer, healthcare, and business communications. Not only did I create a business pitch proposal for a mock client, I also assisted in a product launch, blogged for the company website, and helped facilitate a social media contest for one of our products.

What are your plans after graduating this May?
After graduating in May, I will begin my first job as an Account Associate at Emanate PR—the public relations firm where I interned during my junior summer.

How did you find your internship?
To find my internship my junior year, I talked with my career counselor who suggested I use a variety of measures for seeking opportunities, such as LinkedIn and Alenda Links (our Davidson alumni networking system), as well as word of mouth.  She explained that by proactively demonstrating interest and seeking advice from alumni, professors, and even family friends, they could provide me with great tips on finding an internship. I connected with an alumna who recognized my great interest in the PR field and recommended me to the HR Director of the firm as an intern candidate, where I landed the internship and ultimately my full-time job.

What resources in Career Services have helped you the most?
Two resources that were helpful to me in Career Services were, first, the one-on-one sessions with career counselors who showed a genuine interest in helping students find not only jobs, but careers that match their passions and strengths. I did not know what I wanted to pursue when I first started my search, but after I listed my interests and  described my ideal workplace, my counselor helped me narrow down a list that allowed me to realize my dream job.

Second, the annual Etiquette Dinner was extremely useful. Since all Davidson students will undoubtedly have meetings or job interviews over meals in the future, this experience really helped me sharpen my table etiquette as well as the necessary communication skills for such stressful situations.

What other resource has helped you with internship searches?
A resource that helped me learn about opportunities is, surprisingly, Google. While students may know what they are capable of and interested in doing, many do not know what is available. When I wanted an internship that allowed me to interact with many people while constantly learning, I ran Internet searches seeking names of museums to get me started. I would never have been able to work at my favorite museum where it not for Google.

What advice do you have for fellow students?
If you know what you want, don’t be afraid to search online for something related, but more exciting. We’re Davidson students—the world is our oyster!

Launching a Career in Publishing

Many Davidson students express a vague interest in publishing as a career, but are unsure what the field entails or what specific career opportunities it provides.  If you’re one of these students, come to Union 313 next Thursday, October 27, at 4:30 pm, when we will welcome Carin Siegfried ’95 as a guest speaker.  Siegfried has worked in publishing as a buyer, editor, and sales rep, and recently started her own business, Carin Siegfried Editorial.  She will discuss four main things:  the different jobs in publishing, different publishing houses, how to get into publishing, and what Davidson students can do to facilitate starting a publishing career.

If you’re interested in learning more before the session, check out the Publishing and Journalism page of our website, which includes helpful basic resources.  You can also see Siegfried’s LinkedIn profile to get a better sense of her professional background.  If you are interested in networking with additional Davidson alumni working in publishing, stop by our office for an introduction to Alenda Links, Davidson’s internal networking system.  This system currently lists 78 Davidson alumni with the keyword “publishing” in their professional profile, all of whom are available for you to contact!

Preparing Your Consulting Job Applications!

We have entered the first round of consulting position  recruiting!  Most position applications will require you to submit your  resume, a company specific cover letter and your unofficial transcript.
Don’t underestimate the time it will take to update your resume and write your cover letters!  They will be read closely by recruiters and should be error free and tailored for specific positions.
How do you stand out????
Seek feedback on your resume and cover letters  from at least three people in consulting  (alumni, career services staff, parents)
1) Check out Consulting/Management Resume and Cover Letter Templates on the Consulting page of the Career Services website
2) Use Your Career Services Staff: Available during walk-in hours – M-F, 1:30 – 3:30 pm and by appointment
3) Tap into Alumni Contacts who can provide consulting field specific advice
What about your Unofficial Transcript?
Stop by the Registrar’s office.  They can convert your transcript into a PDF and email it to you.  From there you can upload it into the “Documents” section of your WildcatLink account to submit and submit it with the rest of your application materials.

Exploring Opportunities through Arts North Carolina

Interested in an internship or full-time position related to the arts in North Carolina?  Meet Arts North Carolina.  Arts North Carolina is North Carolina’s statewide advocacy organization for the arts.  They call for equity and access to the arts for all North Carolinians, aim to unify and connect North Carolina’s arts communities, and foster arts leadership.  They maintain a list of job opportunities related to the arts in NC as well as a helpful comprehensive list of their member organizations, which include theatres, museums, art councils, dance companies and more.  This list of member organizations is a great place to start exploring arts organizations that may offer summer internships or entry-level jobs.

If you’re interested in some of these or other NC arts organizations and are interested in pursuing an internship or full-time employment offer with them, make an appointment with one of our advisers to explore approaches.  We can coach you through the process of attempting to get in the door as a volunteer and/or intern, including helping you search for any Davidson alumni who may work there by using Alenda Links or LinkedIn.