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So, What Will You Do With That Major? Finally, An Answer.

%22What Will You Do WithThe British flag, an empty parking lot, and a long, glass wall: the first three things I saw when arriving to my job shadowing day. As I pulled into the “Visitor” space, I was still trying to determine why Oxford University Press has an office in Cary, North Carolina of all places. And I’ll admit, I was a bit nervous, and in need of a good distraction. I strode through the front door, anxious yet curious.

Prior to the day, I had no thoughts of pursuing a career in publishing. Being an English major at Davidson, I was taught that I could go anywhere, do anything with the skills I’ve accrued. The outside world, however, was not as encouraging. Instead, people asked me, “so what will you do with that major?” How do you answer that question?

In November of my senior year, I still had no satisfactory reply, and I figured taste-testing a few different jobs was a good place to start. So, I strode into the Oxford University Press reception area, half-excited, half-terrified, and completely ready to learn.

I expected there to be moments of down time, when my job shadowing host would have to complete a small task or run an errand, but not so. My job shadowing host planned a full day for me, filled with real meetings, discussions, and introductions to employees in various departments of the company. I even toured the massive warehouse, from which all OUP books and products are distributed in the United States. Fun fact: Amazon buys so many books from OUP that it has its own special section.

Katie Bennett '16 (right) with Molly Hansen, her job shadowing host at Oxford University Press.
Katie Bennett ’16 (right) with Molly Hansen, her job shadowing host at Oxford University Press.

The people I met at OUP proved to be invaluable. I gained access to an extensive network of working professionals willing to help, educate and inspire me in this line of work. I remained in contact with several of them after my visit, and my job shadowing host took a particular interest in my career aspirations, sending me potential job opportunities and lengthy emails containing critical advice. The connections I made at the Press enabled me to follow an entirely different path than I anticipated, and I only wish I could have participated in this program sooner than I did.

So I end with an urgent message to Davidson underclassmen: please, if you do anything during your career search, USE THIS PROGRAM. You will learn so much. You will meet people willing to help you in your journey. And you will finally have a few answers in your pocket when someone asks that dreadful question “so what are you going to do with that major?” Oh, let me tell you.

2015-2016 Job Shadowing Participants

Thank you to the alumni, parents and friends of Davidson that  supported the 2015-2016 Davidson Job Shadowing Program.  For more information about the program, please visit the Job Shadowing website.

  1. Alden Crissey ’07: Wildcat Search Group, Dallas, TX
  2. Rob Leacock ’01: St. Andrew’s Episcopal School, Austin, TX
  3. Patrick Boswell ’04: The Lovett School, Atlanta, GA
  4. Richard Barber ’84: Santa Clara University, Santa Clara, CA
  5. Laura Michael Spangler ’80: Lloyd Presbyterian Church, Winston-Salem, NC
  6. Jack Hall ’81: The Walker School, Marietta, GA
  7. David Weitnauer ’82: R. Howard Dobbs, Jr. Foundation, Atlanta, GA
  8. Zeke Hendrix ’96: Doosan Portable Power, Statesville, NC
  9. Will Beasley ’00: University of Oklahoma HSC, Oklahoma City, OK
  10. Aaron Curley ’10: Search Solution Group, Charlotte, NC
  11. Laura Beyer ’93: US Bankruptcy Court for the Western District of North Carolina, Charlotte,
  12. NC
  13. Tyler McFayden ’14: Boys Town National Research Hospital: Communication Department,
  14. Omaha, NE
  15. Ann Gibert ’81: United Church of Christ, Federated, Webster, MA
  16. Betsy Lyles ’11: Columbia Theological Seminary, Decatur, GA
  17. Rachel Henning ’87: Druid Hills Middle School, Decatur, GA
  18. Patricia Whelan ’86: Providence Day, Charlotte, NC
  19. Carey Leigh Evans ’12: Teach for America, Charlotte, NC
  20. Lauren Cunningham ’09: Fort Worth County Day School, Fort Worth, TX
  21. Andrew Hathaway ’08: Financial Independent Group, Cornelius, NC
  22. Nelle McCorkle Bordeaux ’87: Wesley Monumental United Methodist Church, Savannah, GA
  23. James Rozzelle ’84: Sutro Biopharma, San Francisco, CA
  24. Mimi Hobart Schwanda ’07: Episcopal High School, Alexandria, VA
  25. Lyman Collins ’79; Town of Cary, Cary, NC
  26. Buncie Hay Lanners ’83: Arts Association in Newton County, Covington, GA
  27. Meredith Tutterow ’93: Michael Foods/Post Holdings, Minnetonka, MN
  28. Rachel Spears ’93: Pro Bono Partnership of Atlanta, Atlanta, GA
  29. Lindsey Morrison: Carr Workplaces, Washington, D.C.
  30. Patrick Thompson ’02: Episcopal High School, Alexandria, VA
  31. Henry Briffel ’02: Surgo Group, New York, NY
  32. Jason Lina ’98: Resource Planning Group, Sandy Springs, GA
  33. Gerard Dash ’12: Russell Reynolds Associate, Atlanta, GA
  34. Vincent Weir ’13: Scytl Secure Electronic Voting, Barcelona, Spain
  35. Nick Kahler ’09: Lord Aeck Sargent, Atlanta, GA
  36. Erin Godla ’10, Accrue Partners, Charlotte, NC
  37. Colleen Nyeggen ’06, Lick-Wilmerding High School, San Francisco, CA
  38. Carrie Andersen ’02, Carter’s, Inc., Atlanta, GA
  39. Chris Pace ’93: Emory University, Atlanta, GA
  40. Jeremy Bloxson ’07: Avant, Chicago, IL
  41. Samuel Giberga, Parent: Hornbeck Offshore, Covington, LA
  42. Virginia Summerell ’80: Tanger Outlet Centers, Greensboro, NC
  43. Thomas Whipple ’89: Sanford School, Hockessin, DE
  44. Frank Jernigan ’94: N3, LLC, Atlanta, GA
  45. Trip Wheeler ’90: Speedway Benefits, Charlotte, NC
  46. Jim Cowie, Parent: Cadence Design Systems, Inc., San Jose, CA
  47. Megan Mavity ’14: Marist Hispanic Centre, Atlanta, GA
  48. Kathleen Hackl: Verigent, Mooresville, NC
  49. Rob Grzeszczak ’90: The Norman Group, Davidson, NC
  50. Nancy von Euler, Parent: Fairfield County’s Community Foundation, Norwalk, CT
  51. Steven Tregay ’93: Forma Therapeutics, Watertown, MA
  52. John Wilson ’94: U.S. Equity Corporation, Dallas, TX
  53. David Golden, Parent: PERC Professional Eyecare Resource Co-Operative, West Covina, CA
  54. David Santschi ’98: TrimTabs Investment Research, Sausalito, CA
  55. Ron Cannon ’79: NIEHS, Triangle Park, NC
  56. Ken Loeber: CNL Commercial Real Estate, Charlotte, NC
  57. Mike Rogerson ’96: SolarEdge, Fremont, CA
  58. Peter McGuire ’96: Strauss & Associates, PA, Asheville, NC
  59. Kenneth Mobley ’88: Michael Baker International, Alexandria, VA
  60. Catherine Fleming ’08: Georgia Municipal Association, Atlanta, GA
  61. Ben Sobel ’15: Oxeon Partners, New York, NY
  62. Graham Whittington ’14: Womble, Carlyle, Sandridge & Rice, LLP, Charlotte, NC
  63. Amanda McBee ’06: Citizen Schools Illinois, Chicago, IL
  64. Joe Morrison ’14: Azavea, Philadelphia, PA
  65. Stew Brown ’69: Clinical Psychologist, Boulder, CA
  66. Will Funderburg ’09: Jabian Consulting, Charlotte, NC
  67. Meredith Smith, Parent: Amgen, Inc., Thousand Oaks, CA
  68. Jessica M Kahn ’96: Lehman College/City University of New York, Bronx, NY
  69. Chase Culbertson ’12: Sheridan Legacy Group, Chicago, IL
  70. Bob Beard ’77: FOCUS Investment Banking, Atlanta, GA
  71. Graham Honeycutt ’06: Tennessee PGA, Franklin, TN
  72. J.D. Merrill ’09: Baltimore City College High School, Baltimore, MD
  73. Carrie McColgan ’95: The Village Vets of Lilburn/Stone Mountain, Stone Mountain, GA
  74. Amanda Miller ’11: Davidson College Advising Corps, Mooresville, NC
  75. Aaron Sundstrom ’01: Ravenscroft School, Raleigh, NC
  76. James K. Shepherd ’74: Christiana Care Health System, Smyrna, DE
  77. Courtney Rufh ’15: Swain County High School, Bryson City, NC
  78. Larry Dagenhart ’53: McGuire Woods, Charlotte, NC
  79. Madeleine Evans ’12: Adventure Theatre MTC, Glen Echo, MD
  80. Molly Hansen: Oxford University Press, Cary, NC
  81. Colin Kelly ’98: Aston & Bird LLP, Atlanta, GA
  82. Andrew Edelman: Box, Los Altos, CA
  83. Diane Kaliris ’11: Sutton Hill Center, Genesis Rehab Services, North Andover, MA
  84. Eileen Kelley ’89: Davidson College, Davidson, NC
  85. Venessa Sims ’97: Georgia Department of Agriculture, Atlanta, GA
  86. David C. Gordon ’76: University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA
  87. Daniel P. Lindsey ’85: Legal Assistance Foundation of Metropolitan Chicago, Chicago, IL
  88. Jessica Blackburn DeLucia ’01: Mecklenburg Country Public Defenders Office, Charlotte, NC
  89. Allison Dulin Salisbury ’10: Edsurge, Burlingame, CA
  90. Katherine Douglas, Parnet: Bennett, Bricklin & Saltzburg, LLC, Philadelphia, PA
  91. Jessica Ruhle ’03: Nasher Museum of Art, Durham, NC
  92. Alexis Valauri-Orton ’12: Rare, Arlington, VA
  93. Sarah Robinson Hewitt ’06: Ford’s Theatre Society, Washington, D.C.
  94. Marshall Smith ’93: Salilent CRGT, Herndon, VA
  95. Martelle Esposito ’08: National WIC Association, Washington, D.C.
  96. Claire O’Shea ’09: The Advisory Board Company, Washington, D.C.
  97. John T. McElveen, Jr., M.D. ’74: Carolina Ear & Hearing Clinic, Raleigh, NC
  98. Rex Salisbury ’10: Sindeo, San Francisco, CA
  99. Brian Jenssen ’05: University of Pennsylvania Robert Wood Johnson Clinical Scholars
  100. Program, Philadelphia, PA
  101. Byron Cook ’02: Woolfson Eye Institute, Cumming, GA
  102. Kelley Scanion, Parent, Atlanta, GA
  103. William Sigmund ’78: GlaxoSmithKline, Philadelphia, PA
  104. Margaret Lamkin ’91: Montgomery Family Medicine Residency, Montgomery, AL
  105. Tim Robertson ’04: Beacon Partners, Charlotte, NC
  106. Gabriela Pena ’02: YourTown Health, Palmetto, GA
  107. Karin Douglas ’88: Georgia Center for Nonprofits, Atlanta, GA
  108. Andrew Kromer ’87: Andrew Kromer CPA, Charlotte, NC
  109. Jacob Berman ’12: Innoventure Partners, Southlake, TX
  110. Zaidee Rose ’00: The Meadowbrook School of Weston, Weston, MA
  111. Yevgenia Arutyunyan ’00: Charlotte Country Day School, Charlotte, NC
  112. Dean Williams ’11: Sockwell Partners, Charlotte, NC
  113. Carlos Sanchez, Parent: Carolina Aesthetic Dentistry, Cornelius, NC
  114. Christopher Willingham ’95: Your Office USA, Charlotte, NC
  115. Brenna Maddox ’08: Center for Autism Research at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia,
  116. Philadelphia, PA
  117. Joseph Gallinghouse, M.D., Father: Texas Cardiac Arrhythmia, Austin, TX
  118. Bob Evans ’81: Performance Food Group, Richmond, VA
  119. Daniel Connell Jr., Parent: RGAL, Lancaster, PA
  120. Dieter Pohl, Parent: Roger Williams Medical Center, Providence, RI
  121. Anne Butler Duncan ’06: Modell’s Sporting Goods, New York, NY
  122. Drew Masterson ’13: Citygate Films, Falls Church, VA
  123. Tania Peters ’03: Washington Institute of Dermatologic Laser Surgery, Washington, D.C.
  124. Jeffrey B Major ’78: Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, Bethesda, MD
  125. Carla Naegele Cooke ’92: Stone Mountain Family Practice, Stone Mountain, GA
  126. Jeff Hamilton ’05: Columbus & Over Group, Boston, MA
  127. Susan Sgroi, Parent: Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts, Boston, MA
  128. Cassie Dormond ’10: GBCHealth, New York, NY
  129. Vicki Sandiford ’88: US EPA, Triangle Park, NC
  130. Hans Watford Jr., MD ’79: Alabama Cardiovascular Group, Birmingham, AL
  131. Jeff Wheeler ’04: Wells Fargo, Charlotte, NC
  132. John Hanke: Niantic Labs, San Francisco, CA
  133. Dan Mojonnier ’97: Havas Annex, Chicago, IL
  134. David Pottenger ’79: Morgan Stanley, Durham, NC
  135. Suzie Eckl ’09: Smithsonian Channel, Washington, D.C.
  136. Jean Kim ’13: ScoreBig, Inc., Los Angeles, CA
  137. Colette Mull, Parent: Nemours/Alfred I. DuPont Hospital for Children, Wilmington, DE
  138. Annie Tang ’15: Oanda Corporation, Davidson, NC
  139. Ann Clark ’80: Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools, Charlotte, NC
  140. Alison Farr ’12: Deloitte Consulting, Atlanta, GA
  141. Sydnor Gammon ’11: Deloitte Consulting, Atlanta, GA
  142. Jessica B. Straus ’07: National Venture Capital Association, Washington, D.C.
  143. Susan Flynn ’79: Carolinas Healthcare System, Charlotte, NC
  144. Martin Foil ’85: Hinds’ Feet Farm, Huntersville, NC
  145. Jimmy Squibb ’07: IMPLAN Group LLC, Huntersville, NC
  146. Milton Wan, Parent: Oracle Corporation, Redwood Shores, CA
  147. Chazzo Habliston ’13: Davenport & Company LLC, Charlotte, NC
  148. Hunter Monroe ’84: International Monetary Fund, Washington, D.C.
  149. Laura Leibfreid ’96: Law Offices of Laura Leibfreid, PLLC, Brooklyn, NY
  150. Garrett Richey ’04: BB&T Insurance Services, Greensboro, NC
  151. Mark Iafrate ’10: The Beer Exchange, Charlotte, NC
  152. Elyse Yarnell ’11: Anthem Worldwide, Chicago, IL
  153. Scott Ellis ’96: The Hospital for Special Surgery, New York, NY
  154. Mike Chapman ’07: U.S. Deparment of State, Washington, D.C.
  155. Clayton Schloss ’99: Google, Mountain View, CA
  156. Dave Oxner ’02: SIFMA, Washington, D.C.
  157. Kenneth Sands, Parent: Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Boston, MA
  158. Alex Hanken ’12: Inspiring Capital, New York, NY
  159. Lawrence Kluttz ’09: Congressman David Price, Washington, D.C.
  160. Mark Angel ’13: Deloitte Consulting, Charlotte, NC
  161. Tommy Fang ’15: Deloitte Consulting, Charlotte, NC
  162. Susannah Wellford ’90: Running Start, Washington, D.C.
  163. Elizabeth Rugala ‘08: Deloitte Consulting, Arlington, VA
  164. Stephen Salyer ’72: Salzburg Global Seminar, Washington, D.C.
  165. Katherine Okey Addison ’98: Novant Health Dilworth Pediatrics, Charlotte, NC
  166. Hugh Calkins, Parent: John Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore, MD
  167. Zama Coursen-Neff ’93: Human Rights Watch, New York, NY
  168. Jonathan Sands ’96: Artist Capital Inc., New York, NY
  169. Ed Murphy, Parent: Merrill Lynch, Bridgewater, NJ
  170. Sarah Hartley ’05: Wells Fargo, Charlotte, NC
  171. Bob Miller ’84: BlackRock, New York, NY

Lessons Learned from Job Shadowing

Tiffany Ruan

Hi! My name is Tiffany Ruan and I’m a current junior at Davidson. I’m majoring in chemistry, concentrating in biochemistry, and I’m also on the premed track. I had my first experience with shadowing last year with a physician assistant at the Access Community Health Network in Chicago.

My experience last year was amazing; I had the opportunity to talk with the PA about his Davidson experience and how he had decided to become a PA. I also had the opportunity to see the interactions between the PA and his patients and I also interacted with the patients myself. Before the shadowing began, I made a list of questions that I wanted to ask the PA. I also did some research on what the clinic’s goal was in order to help their patients. If it is a career you’re interested in pursuing, I think it’s important to ask what the alumni did after Davidson that led them onto their career path.

From my shadowing experience, I learned that although the job can be repetitive (pull out the patient’s files, see the patient, and plug the data into a computer), every patient is different and you will be able to witness different interactions between the patient and the PA (or the interactions between whoever you are shadowing and a client, customer, etc.). The PA had friendly conversations with some of his patients while other conversations were solely surrounding the patient’s checkup.

This year, I will be shadowing at GBCHealth, a non-profit global health organization, in New York. Again, I will be making a list of questions to ask the person I’m shadowing so I can learn more about the global health sector since that is a career I’m interested in pursuing. I’m also going to make sure I dress more appropriately this time around. I wore casual jeans and a sweater with boots to shadow the PA last year and I felt underdressed since my PA was in dress pants, a dress shirt, dress shoes, and a tie. It really depends on where you are shadowing. If you’re shadowing at a business firm, an investment bank, a clinic, or something in a very professional setting, I’d recommend wearing dress pants, a dress shirt, dress shoes, and a tie if you’re a guy, or dress pants, a nice top, and flats if you’re a girl.

Before going in to shadow, I’d make a list of questions that you want to ask the person you’re shadowing. I would also do some research on the organization at which you are shadowing. Coming in prepared and knowing about the organization is key to making a good first impression because that may be where you will be working in the future. Also, DO NOT text, Snapchat, go on Facebook, tweet, or anything of that sort while you are shadowing. I left my phone in my backpack at the break room the entire time. You want to show that you’re interested in learning about the organization you are shadowing. Additionally, if you have your mind set on a career, do not let a bad shadowing experience change your mind. Do additional shadowing at other places because every organization is different. If the shadowing experience is just an opportunity to see if the career is worth pursuing, do not go in acting like you have no interest in the organization. Make sure to go in with an open mind!

Good luck to everyone shadowing this winter break! It’ll definitely give you a perspective of what type of career you want to pursue.

Debunking Common Myths about Job Shadowing Program at Davidson College

Original contributed post by: Mahlek Pothemont ’16


On the fence about pursuing a job shadow experience?  Check out these common myths (and reality checks) regarding experiential education opportunities like Job Shadowing, below:

  • “Job shadows are just short internships that requires labor for no compensation.”
    • False, job shadowing is an opportunity for students to spend a day beside a professional in their respective field of interests. This experience only requires you to enter the program with an open mind to learn and explore career paths that you can potentially see yourself in. These opportunities are mainly set aside for students to gain that brief but rare experience on the site, while establishing professional networks for the future. Click here for more info about Davidson Job Shadowing program.
  • “I can’t possibly benefit from a program that only last a day.”
    • Job shadows afford students the opportunity to get access to places only professionals can access daily. Although the experience lasts only for a day the overall long term impact of your job shadow can only be realized through proper networking practices. A couple of tips on networking can be found here.
  • “There’s only a few hosts looking for students so the opportunities are few and far between. There’s no point in applying right?”
    • Also false, there are over 200 job shadow hosts sign up for the program every year, with over 100 students participating in 150+ job shadows. The opportunities are plentiful and coming in almost daily. Take the chance to apply to multiple opportunities that interest you in order to maximize your choices.
  • “These job shadows are nowhere near where I live and I know nobody in these cities. Davidson doesn’t provide any type of help beyond the application.”
    • Thankfully, this is untrue as well. The Center for Career Development offers an expense reimbursement program set in place for any student who is accepted by the Job Shadow participate. These funds are specially designed to cover costs of travel and lodging. For more info on reimbursement click here.
  • “My resume doesn’t matter since it’s just a job shadow and not an actual internship or job.”
    • Definitely a myth. Your resume is one of the most pivotal tools you will use in your time at Davidson. This document serves a “highlight reel” of your accomplishments and success over the past few years and is integral in the job shadow application process. The first step in the application process is to have your resume reviewed and approved by the Center for Career Development.(Tip: No appointment is required for this review and approval. Just come anytime in during walk-in hours with a copy of your resume)

Get to Know the Center for Career Development

2015 Center for Career Development Staff
2015 Center for Career Development Staff

Welcome back!  While we enjoyed a little break this summer, we are excited that campus is back to normal.  We took advantage of the quiet to do a little restructuring, plan some programming, connect with new employers, and just a few other things.  So, meet our staff and some of the great resources in the Center for Career Development!

Nathan Elton, Director
Nathan Elton, Director

Nathan’s Favorite CCD Resource: Davidson Career Advisor Network (DCAN) Some of the most common career advice you will hear is to talk to professionals in potential or identified career areas of interest.  Through DCAN there are over 800 Davidson alumni and parents who have signed up to share career advice, look over your resume, or prepare you for an upcoming interview.  Jobs and internships can be tough to land, but by using these connections you will know more about career fields that match your interests and abilities, and be better prepared for securing a position.

Jamie Johnson, Associate Director for Career Development
Jamie Johnson, Associate Director for Career Development

Jamie’s Favorite CCD Resource: Myers Briggs Type Indicator All of us have uniquely different personalities. The MBTI assessment will help give you a better understanding of your own personality, such as what energizes you or how you make career decisions. The assessment will also assist you in better understanding the people around you, whether they be at school, work or home. To take the MBTI, please contact our office at 704-894-2132 to set up an appointment to meet with a Career advisor.


Jeff Kniple, Associate Director for Employer Relations
Jeff Kniple, Associate Director for Employer Relations

Jeff’s Favorite CCD Resource: Information sessions are the place to make a personal connection with employers in advance of an application or interview.  They are the easiest place to make an impression with key staff members, to learn about how companies market themselves, and to learn other information that can be helpful in a cover letter or interview.  For internship and job seekers they are essential to the process.



Tiffany Waddell, Assistant Director for Career Development

Tiffany’s Favorite CCD Resource: Workshops and Programs The CCD offers workshops and events on a variety of topics for students throughout the academic year.  From getting started with LinkedIn and learning how network with Davidson alumni and other professionals, to penning the perfect resume – check out WildcatLink to learn more about what workshops are available to you this year and RSVP today!



Sarah Williams '11, Assistant Director for Alumni & Parent Engagement
Sarah Williams ’11, Assistant Director for Alumni & Parent Engagement

Sarah’s Favorite CCD Resource: WildcatLink is the best resource for accessing Davidson-specific career opportunities and resources. It is an online portal where you can apply to jobs and internships, sign up for job shadowing opportunities, and register for career-related events and programs. If you haven’t already, you will soon become very familiar with WildcatLink!




Jamie Stamey, Assistant Director for Internships
Jamie Stamey, Assistant Director for Internships

Jamie’s Favorite CCD Resource: InterviewStream is a great tool to help you prepare for upcoming interviews.  Record a video of yourself answering industry specific questions.  Then, critique yourself or share with a mentor to get their feedback.  You know what they say about practice!  You might also see this pop up in some of you Davidson-sponsored program applications, like Job Shadowing and the #DavidsonIE Internship Program.


Kate Falconi '08, Assistant Director for Employer Relations
Kate Falconi ’08, Assistant Director for Employer Relations

Kate’s Favorite CCD Resource: Vault Think of this as a huge online library of career and industry guides to help you learn about jobs and career fields, and make sure you are ready for interviews.  It also includes rankings of employers in 20 different industries, such as advertising, PR, media, banking and consulting.




Julie Lucas, Office Manager
Julie Lucas, Office Manager

Julie’s Favorite CCD Resource: It’s easy to schedule an appointment to meet with one of our advisors.  Stop by the office or call 704-894-2132. Appointments are available from 9-12:00 and 1:30-5:00.  For quick questions, we also offer daily walk-in times M-TH 10:00-12:00 and M-F 1:30-3:30.




Logan Myers, Career Adviser
Logan Myers, Career Advisor

Logan’s Favorite CCD Resource: Davidson’s LinkedIn Landing Page and LinkedIn Networking Group Want to learn what 11,000 alumni are doing based on their major, where they live, what they do and where they work?  Davidson’s LinkedIn Landing page is an easily searchable system to learn about alumni based on these and other criteria.  Want to interact with alumni in LinkedIn?  Check out the Davidson College Network Group, where you can send messages to over 6,000 alumni.


Think Again About Job Shadowing

Job Shadow Banner


  1. Can’t decide to go corporate or boutique?  Do you feel led to work with a nonprofit but have the skills to work in finance?  Job shadowing can help you narrow down your choices.
  2. All of the job shadowing hosts are Davidson alumni, parents and friends that want to help you!  So there is no reason to feel intimidated.
  3. Some hosts with hiring abilities use job shadowing as a screening mechanism for future internships and entry-level positions.
  4. Hands-on experience gives you content for your resume as well as language to use in an interview.
  5. We’ll help you offset the costs.  Students can request reimbursement for travel and accommodations.  We even have alumni that will offer their homes for you to stay in.


Approximately 100 job shadowing positions have been reopened on WildcatLink.  Check them out now and don’t miss the opportunity to expand your experience!

Please direct questions to Jamie Stamey.

NEWS: Davidson Offers Students Reimbursement for Job Shadowing Program


To help Davidson students take part in the 2014 Job Shadowing Program, the Center for Career Development is making funds available to help offset travel and accommodation expenses.  Eligible expenses can include transportation and housing.  The minimum required to apply for funding is $50 in expected costs.  Expense reimbursements may range from $50-$200, depending on distance being traveled and necessity for an overnight stay. Please see the details below:

In order to receive funding for the Job Shadowing Program, Davidson students must:

  • apply to shadowing experiences on WildcatLink between October 27 and November 10, be selected for a shadowing experience and carry through as a participant in the program.

  • have had your resume approved by Career Development staff prior to applying to positions.

  • conduct one practice interview using the online platform InterviewStream prior to reimbursement deadline, December 1.

Students can apply for funding through this program November 20 – December 1.  Though we will make every effort to help each student who applies, should we be forced to choose among eligible students, priority will be given to students as follows:

  • Students with demonstrated financial need through Davidson.

  • Students who are offered multiple experiences through the shadowing program.

  • Students with the greatest anticipated expenses to participate.

Students will be notified of the maximum amount they may be reimbursed and have two options for receiving the funds:

  1. Prior to the shadowing experience, the approved amount can be deposited into your Davidson Student Travel Fund.  Upon return to campus in January, receipts and unused funds must be submitted to the Center for Career Development.

  2. After participation in the experience, students can submit proof of expenses (in the form of original receipts) and will be reimbursed for the amount spent or the maximum reimbursement allotted (student will receive the lesser of the two).

If you have any questions about the Job Shadowing Program or this reimbursement opportunity, please contact Jamie Stamey, Assistant Director for Internships in the Center for Career Development.

Thinking About the Job Shadowing Program?

As you hopefully saw in the announcement last week, registration for the Job Shadowing Program opens up for students October 27 – November 10.  We currently have over 200 alumni, parents and friends registered to host students from all over the country, in all types of industries.

Students will be able to apply for up to 5 shadowing opportunities.  Applications are submitted through WildcatLink, so you MUST have your resume approved by the CCD before you can apply.  Visit our website for info on our walk-in hours.

For those of you that have never participated, I spoke with current senior, Cleveland Stair, about his experience with the program last year.

Cleave Stair, '15, Political Science, Brooklyn, NY
Cleve Stair, ’15, Political Science, Brooklyn, NY

Q: What industry did you pursue for job shadowing?

A: Financial Insurance, Law, and Politics

Q: How many opportunities did you apply for?

A: 3

Q: What was the most rewarding part of your experience?

A: Shadowing someone in John Gauthier’s position. Because of the experience and his role within Allied Financial Services, I was able to witness the inner-workings of a top Assurance/Insurance company whilst sitting in on a few business meetings that would potentially lead to insurance/assurance investments.

Q: What was the most surprising part of the experience?

A: Two things. Gauthier’s autonomy was probably most surprising. Second most surprising thing was Gauthier consulting me on a few of the insurance investment projects.

Q: What tips would you give an underclassman for which this might be their first professional experience in their field of interest?

A: Definitely do your research beforehand, for being able to talk about financial insurance/assurance is more complicated than many know and definitely goes a long long way. It may just be a shadowing experience but the potential behind such an encounter with someone as high up on the ladder is immeasurable.

Q: Have you been in touch with your host since the shadowing experience?

A: I had been at least a few months after but we seemed to have lost touch.

Q: How did you write about the experience on your resume?

A: I explained that I shadowed the president of Allied Financial Services; researched several companies/projects prior to insurance investment meetings and subsequent to the actual meetings, “analyzed, assessed, and helped appraise companies’ assets.”



2014-2015 Job Shadowing Participants

Thank you to the alumni, parents and friends of Davidson that have already supported the 2014-2015 Davidson Job Shadowing Program.  We will be updating this list regularly.  If you’d like to participate as a host or a student, please visit the Job Shadowing website.

  1. Adam Chalker ’04: Plottwatt, Durham, NC
  2. Adam Hill ’03: Packard Place, Charlotte, NC
  3. Adam Martin ’06: Code for Durham, Durham, NC
  4. Andrew Strain ’14: JLL, Washington, DC
  5. Adam York ’06: Deloitte Consulting, Multiple Locations
  6. Alicia Frank ’11: Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Charlotte, NC
  7. Alexa Stanley ’13: RBC Capital Markets, New York, NY
  8. Alina Gomez ’14: ACLU American Civil Liberties Union, New York, NY
  9. Allison Kooser ’10: Opportunity International, Oak Brook, IL
  10. Amelia Lumpkin ’13: The Theater Offensive, Boston, MA
  11. Andrew Barna ’13: Federal Trade Commission, Washington, DC
  12. Andrew Dugan ’13: Jones Lang LaSalle, Washington, DC
  13. Andrew Kennebrew ’82: Chick-Fil-A, Atlanta, GA
  14. Andrew Lantz ’14: Raymond James & Associates, Nashville, TN
  15. Andrew Lovedale ’09: Access to Success (A2S), Davidson, NC
  16. Andy Schwab ’93: 5AM Ventures, Menlo Park, CA
  17. Andy Thompson ’10: 2U, Landover, MD
  18. Anna Coon ’10: K&L Gates LLP, Charlotte, NC
  19. Arthur Hui, Parent: TE Connectivity, Multiple Locations
  20. Barbara Ann Temple, Friend: Arts and Science Council, Charlotte, NC
  21. Becky Pentz, Parent: Emory School of Medicine, Winship Cancer Institute, Atlanta, GA
  22. Ben Gitis ’13, American Action Forum and Peter G. Peterson Foundation, Washington, DC
  23. Ben Justus ’11, Jefferies, Charlotte, NC
  24. Beth Lewis ’80: Fox Chase Cancer Center, Philadelphia, PA
  25. Bill MacDade ’78, Parent: IBM, Multiple Locations
  26. Billy Hackenson ’13: Deloitte Consulting, Atlanta, GA
  27. Bob Boyd ’88: Agility Recovery, Charlotte, NC
  28. Bob Dawson ’73: Cigna-Health Spring, Multiple Locations
  29. Bob Evans ’81: Performance Food Group Company, Richmond, VA
  30. Bob Miller ’84: BlackRock, Multiple Locations
  31. Brennan McCormick ’13: Bain & Company, Atlanta, GA
  32. Buck Banks ’79: NewmanPR, Coconut Grove, FL
  33. Cameron Hardesty ’07: White House Office of National Drug Control Policy, Washington, DC
  34. Cameron Kemp ’13: 2Seeds Network, Inc., Tanzania
  35. Carlyle McCall ’14: US Senator Richard Burr, Washington, DC
  36. Carolyn Hanson ’94: Environment Council of the States, Washington, DC
  37. Cas Peters ’12: Department of Education, Washington, DC
  38. Catherine Bennett, Parent: Rogers and Hardin, LLP, Atlanta, GA
  39. Chad Phillips ’11: Guggenheim Partners, Charlotte, NC
  40. Charles Thomas, Friend: Queen City Forward, Charlotte, NC
  41. Charlotte Seigler ’97: Stratacomm, Washington, DC
  42. Chip McArthur ’09: Argus Information & Advisory Services, White Plains, NY
  43. Chris and Jon Boggiano, Friends: Everblue Training, Huntersville, NC
  44. Chris Boggiano, Friend: Versame, Huntersville, NC
  45. Christina Winship ’08: Congressman Ed Perlmutter, Washington, DC
  46. Christopher Mark ’13: EAT Club, Palo Alto, CA
  47. Christopher Rollins ’11: eMarketer, New York, NY
  48. Colleen Maher ’14: Deloitte Consulting, Multiple Locations
  49. Conrad Doenges ’88: Ranger Investments, Dallas, TX
  50. Courtney Melvin ’11: Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum, New York, NY
  51. Cristina Wilson ’10: Charlotte Observer Magazine, Charlotte, NC
  52. Cynthia Hess ’94: IWPR, Washington, DC
  53. Dan Murrey ’87: OrthoCarolina, Charlotte, NC
  54. Danielle Dory ’12: New York Life, New York, NY
  55. Daphne Birdsey ’06: The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, NY
  56. Darcie Praudt ’07: Council on Foreign Relations, Washington, DC
  57. Darden Callaway ’14: RBC Capital Markets, New York, NY
  58. Dave Oxner ’02: Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association (SIFMA), Washington, DC
  59. David Crow ’05: Mercer Marketplace, Multiple Locations
  60. David Kearfott ’98: CapTech, Richmond, VA
  61. David Rosenberg ’01: RBC Capital Markets, New York, NY
  62. David Walker, Parent: JP Morgan Chase & Co., New York, NY
  63. Deepak Talwar ’89: Talwar Gallery, New York, NY
  64. Donna Clayton ’98: Roswell Cultural Arts Center, Roswell, GA
  65. Doug Ammar ’84: Georgia Justice Project, Atlanta, GA
  66. Doug Jobe ’91: Performance Food Group Company, Richmond, VA
  67. Drew Prickett ’04: Hanover Research, Arlington, VA
  68. Ed Hyland, Parent: JP Morgan, Atlanta, GA
  69. Ed Imbrogno ’81: Fidus Partners, Multiple Locations
  70. Elise Breda ’13: Volvo Group, Greensboro, NC
  71. Emma Finkelstein ’14: Meridian International Center, Washington, DC
  72. Eric Sapp ’98: Eleison Group, Washington, DC
  73. Erik Ducker ‘14: Vidcaster, San Francisco, CA
  74. Flaviu Simihaian ’08: iMedicare, New York, NY
  75. Gardner Rordam ’07: Revenue Analytics, Atlanta, GA
  76. Gary Long ’73: Pulse Capital Partners, LLC, New York, NY
  77. Gerard Dash ’12: Russell Reynolds Associates, Atlanta, GA
  78. Gil Capps ’91: Golf Channel, Orlando, FL
  79. Gilbert Shaw ’91, Stedman Capital Management, Davidson, NC
  80. Graham Chapman ’09: 919 Marketing, Holly Springs, NC
  81. Greg Keith ’89: Deutsche Bank, New York, NY
  82. Hadley White ’98: The Aspen Institute, Aspen, CO
  83. Hanan Abdul Hadi ’09: Project on Middle East Democracy, Washington, DC
  84. Heather Natsch ’98: RaynaVi, LLC dba InteriorCrowd, San Francisco, CA
  85. Heather Sims ’14: American Enterprise Institute: Washington, DC
  86. Irma J. Navarro ’07: Cristo Rey Atlanta Jesuit High School, Atlanta, GA
  87. Christopher Gies, Parent: Capital Group Companies, Los Angeles, CA
  88. Edward Murphy, Parent: Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Bridgewater, NJ
  89. Jackie Seow, Parent: Simon & Schuster, Inc., New York, NY
  90. Jake Keator ’14: Fidus Partners, Multiple Locations
  91. Jamey Heit ’01: Essay Assay, Inc., Durham, NC
  92. Jay Harris ’90: Wells Fargo Securities, Multiple Locations
  93. Jay McNair ’09: RosettaBooks, New York, NY
  94. Jean Reynolds ’98: Morgan Stanley, West Conshohocken, PA
  95. Jeff Larrimore ’04: Federal Reserve Board, Washington, DC
  96. Jeffrey Phillips, Friend: EPRI, Charlotte, NC
  97. Jeffrey Sich ’77: George Washington University School of Medicine & Health Sciences, Washington, DC
  98. Jenny Everett ’97: The Aspen Institute, Washington, DC
  99. Jim Gale, Parent: OPIC, Washington, DC
  100. Joel Rountree ’71: Kings Mountain Little Theater, Kings Mountain, NC
  101. John Barhorst, Parent: Synchrony Financial, Multiple Locations
  102. John D. Breidenstine ’84: US Commercial Service, London, UK
  103. John Desaint Phalle ’14: IBM, Multiple Locations
  104. John Huskell ’81: Congressional Research Service, Washington, DC
  105. John Laughlin ’85: Wells Fargo Securities, Multiple Locations
  106. John Marshall ’04: Bellwether, New Orleans, LA
  107. John Matthews ’98: Nextera Energy, Juno Beach, FL
  108. John McCartney ’74: Huron Consulting Group, Chicago, IL
  109. John Morgan ’12: FDIC, Multiple Locations
  110. John Murchison ’95: SunTrust Robinson Humphrey, Multiple Locations
  111. John Odell ’83: National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum, Cooperstown, NY
  112. John Stillwell ’13: MeadwestVaco, Multiple Locations
  113. Jon Davis ’03: Center for Intentional Leadership, Charlotte, NC
  114. Jordan Starck ’12: Charlotte Country Day School, Charlotte, NC
  115. Justin “Biff” Ourso ’05: TIAA-CREF, Charlotte, NC
  116. Kate Reutersward ’09: PR Collaborative, Washington, DC
  117. Kate Weihe ’04: Higher Ground / Sun Valley Community Outreach, Ketchum, ID
  118. Katie Wells ’14: Carr Workplaces, Washington, DC
  119. Katherine Johnson-Reid ’04: Team Services, Rockville, MD
  120. Katrina Rodriguez ’12: Oxeon Partners, New York, NY
  121. Keeva Kase, Friend: Bull City Forward, Durham, NC
  122. Kellett Letson ’90: Mountain Area Health Education Center, Asheville, NC
  123. Kelsey Lilley ’12: Atlantic Council, Washington, DC
  124. Kim Burke, Parent: JLL, Washington, DC
  125. Kyle Kinsell ’07: Bain & Company, Atlanta, GA
  126. Laura Fulton ’03: US Department of Justice, Washington, DC
  127. Lauren Leonard ’10: FactSet, Multiple Locations
  128. Laurence Birdsey ’04: The Boston Consulting Group, Boston, MA
  129. Laurie Ballenger ’89: Donohoe, Washington, DC
  130. Lawrence Cann ’00: Street Soccer USA, New York, NY
  131. Leith Hill, Parent: Ellary’s Greens, New York, NY
  132. Lida Flatts ’96: U.S. Trade and Development Agency, Arlington, VA
  133. Liz Baird, Parent: NC Museum of Natural Sciences, Raleigh, NC
  134. Liz Kiss ’05: CEB, Washington, DC
  135. Liz Luckey ’10: Freedom House, Washington, DC
  136. Luke Jordan ’10: Vevo, New York, NY
  137. Lynne Davis, Parent: US Congressman Robert Pittenger, Charlotte, NC
  138. Lynne Ford ’84: Calvert Investments, Bethesda, MD
  139. Madison Parrish ’13: MeadwestVaco, Multiple Locations
  140. Magdalena Barbosa ’01: Make the Road, New York, NY
  141. Marcus Carson ’13: Mecklenburg County, Charlotte, NC
  142. Maria Aldrich ’03: Brookstone Schools, Charlotte, NC
  143. Mark Angel ’13: Deloitte Consulting, Atlanta, GA
  144. Mark Filipski Parent & Trustee: Credit Suisse, Multiple Locations
  145. Mark Iafrate ’07: Standard Insurance Company, Multiple Locations
  146. Mark Martin ’12: JP Morgan, Atlanta, GA
  147. Mark Medendorp ’00: Lincoln Financial, Greensboro, NC
  148. Mark Millard ’11: BlackArch Partners, Charlotte, NC
  149. Mark Nesbitt ’13: Oliver Wyman, Multiple Locations
  150. Mark Overbay ’98: Big Spoon Roasters, Durham, NC
  151. Mark Williams ’86: R65 Labs, Durham, NC
  152. Mary Beth Ruth ’91: Morgan Stanley, Atlanta, GA
  153. Matt Wilson ’06: Medstar, Washington, DC
  154. Matthew Phillips ’02: Aon Hewitt, Atlanta, GA
  155. Meg Currie ’12: Carlisle & Gallagher, Multiple Locations
  156. Megan Bailey ’11: Carlisle & Gallagher, Multiple Locations
  157. Megan Blanchard ’07: Community Wealth Partners, Washington, DC
  158. Megan Falvey ’14: Grey, New York, NY
  159. Megan Mavity ’14: International House of Metrolina, Charlotte, NC
  160. Michael J. Moriarty ’92: Dynasty Financial, New York, NY
  161. Michael Noonan ’91: RBC Capital Markets, New York, NY
  162. Michael Tellis ’07: UBS Investment Bank, New York, NY
  163. Mike Kaplan ’03: JP Morgan, Newark, DE
  164. Mike Murphy, Friend: ProctorFree, Inc., Huntersville, NC
  165. Millie Snyder ’87: Myers Park Presbyterian Church, Charlotte, NC
  166. Minor Hinson ’84: Bourne Partners, Charlotte, NC
  167. Molly O’Rourke ’14: Lieber Institute for Brain Development, Baltimore, MD
  168. Molly Shaw ’02: Communities in Schools, Charlotte, NC
  169. Mordecai Scott ’10: Communities in Schools of Northern Virginia, Alexandria, VA
  170. Murray Horwitz, Parent: Washington Performing Arts, Washington, DC
  171. Myki Bajaj ’13: Gran Via Productions, Santa Monica, CA
  172. Nicholas Carlson ’05: Business Insider, New York, NY
  173. Owen Barrow ’04: NC Conference of the United Methodist Church – NC Ministry Fellows, Garner, NC
  174. Patrick Braxton-Andrew ’06: Lake Norman Labs, Davidson, NC
  175. Patrick Hunt ’12: Bourne Partners, Charlotte, NC
  176. Patrick McGinn ’11: VMG Health, Nashville, TN
  177. Patrick Rivage-Seul ’09: Atlantic Media, Multiple Locations
  178. Paul Leonard ’62: Habitat for Humanity, Multiple Locations
  179. Paul Solitario, Friend: International ThermoDyne, Inc., Charlotte, NC
  180. Pete Benbow ’07: Garretson Resolution Group, Charlotte, NC
  181. Peter Anderson ’13: JP Morgan, Atlanta, GA
  182. Peter Beard ’83: Greater Houston Partnership, Houston, TX
  183. Peter Bynum ’91: First Presbyterian Church Concord, Concord, NC
  184. Peter Paras III ’13: Deloitte Corporate Finance, Chicago, IL
  185. Peter Scholze ’98: Bernstein Global Wealth Management, Multiple Locations
  186. Phelps Sprinkle ’93: Peacehaven Community Farm, Whitsett, NC
  187. PJ Martin ’04: BlackArch Partners, Charlotte, NC
  188. Preshant Kaishap ’00: Barclays, New York, NY
  189. Prinda Wanakule, Friend: The Tech Museum of Innovation, San Jose, CA
  190. Randall Mardus ’99: Giusto, Davidson, NC
  191. Rebecca Weidler ’12: Deloitte Consulting, Atlanta, GA
  192. Renae Cairns ’14: Sow Much Good, Cornelius, NC
  193. Dr. Matthew Rich ’97: Reid Memorial Presbyterian Church, Augusta, GA
  194. Rick Natsch, Spouse of Alumna: Presidio Interactive, San Francisco
  195. Rick Thurmond ’94: Charlotte Magazine
  196. Ricky Stephens ’12: Red Ventures, Rock Hill, SC
  197. Rob Hutchison ’77: Goldman Sachs, Atlanta, GA
  198. Robert May ’11: FDIC, Multiple Locations
  199. Roshan Paul ’02: Amani Institute, Nairobi, Kenya
  200. Ross Saldarini ’91: Mountain Khakis, Charlotte, NC
  201. Roxana Boyd ’13: Squire Patton Boggs, Washington, DC
  202. Ryan Zirkle ’09: BlackRock, Multiple Locations
  203. Sam Burns ’10: Manhattan District Attorney, New York, NY
  204. Scott Earl, Friend: Ashoka, Arlington, VA
  205. Scott Keeter ’72: Pew Research, Washington, DC
  206. Scott Reeder ’99: BlackRock, Multiple Locations
  207. G. Pat Millen ’86: E2D-Eliminate the Digital Divide, Davidson, NC
  208. Shaunta Davis ’08: Charlotte Country Day School, Charlotte, NC
  209. Shelby Wagenseller ’13: Joe Trippi and Associates, Washington, DC
  210. Shivani Dansai ’10: JP Morgan Chase & Co., New York, NY
  211. Stefanie Cooke ’13: Camris International, Washington, DC
  212. Stephen Block, Parent: Harry Fox Agency, New York, NY
  213. Stephen Dockery III ’86: Fidus Partners, Multiple Locations
  214. Stephen Salyer ’72: Salzburg Global Seminar, Washington, DC
  215. Stephen Westerfield ’10: Morgan Stanley, New York, NY
  216. Stewart Wicker ’83: The Society of Anglican Missionaries and Senders, Ambridge, PA
  217. Supriya Wadhwa ’13: Bain & Company, Atlanta, GA
  218. Susannah Wellford ’90: Running Start, Washington, DC
  219. Tasha Samborski ’14: Deloitte Consulting, Multiple Locations
  220. Thomas E. Peddicord ’68: FDIC, Multiple Locations
  221. Thomas Finke, Parent: Babson Capital Management, Charlotte, NC
  222. Thomas Noyes, Friend: CommerceSignals, Charlotte, NC
  223. Tianna Butler ’13: Charlotte Country Day School, Charlotte, NC
  224. Tim Harden ’80: Golden Isles FCA, St. Simons Island, GA
  225. Tim Howard, Parent: Kelly School, Chelsea, MA
  226. Timothy Coughlin ’93:, Multiple Locations
  227. Timothy Ogden ’95: Sona Partners, West Chester, PA
  228. Todd Thomson ’83, Parent: Dynasty Financial, New York, NY
  229. Todd Wiebusch ’85: Saebo, Charlotte, NC
  230. Tom Baker ’81: Patriot Transportation Holding, Inc., Jacksonville, FL
  231. Tom Kaiser ’13: CapitalOne, McLean, VA
  232. Tom Okel ’84: Catawba Lands Conservancy, Charlotte, NC
  233. Tyler Haire ’11: Skyword: Boston, MA
  234. Veronika Badurova ’11: Kennel and Associates, Falls Church, VA
  235. Virginia Summerell ’80: Tanger Properties, Greensboro, NC
  236. Warren Gould ’85: Trinity School of Durham & Chapel Hill, Durham, NC
  237. Wayne McPherson, Jr. ’13: A.T. Kearney, Multiple Locations
  238. Whitney Davis ’00: Prevention Partners, Chapel Hill, NC
  239. Will Cowan ’97, Jefferies, Charlotte, NC
  240. William Marshall ’12: Credit Suisse, Multiple Locations
  241. Wilson McCrory ’07: McKinsey & Company, Inc., Multiple Locations
  242. Win Smith ’06: Alchemy Learning, Baltimore, MD
  243. Winn Maddrey ’91: TEDxCHARLOTTE, Charlotte, NC
  244. Zama Coursen-Neff ’93: Human Rights Watch, New York, NY
  245. Zeke Hendrix ’96: Doosan Portable Infracore Power, Statesville, NC
  246. Zoe Williams ’14: Congressional Budget Office, Washington, DC

Davidson Job Shadowing Program

Offered over winter break and summer break, our Job Shadowing Program provides one and multi-day shadowing experiences that allow students to spend time with an alumni or parent volunteer at work. Through observation and conversation, participating students have the opportunity to learn more about a profession, receive career-related advice, and reflect on the ways in which their liberal arts education can prepare them for life after Davidson.

To learn more about this opportunity or to register as a host or student participant, please visit our Job Shadowing website.

2014-2015 Winter Break Participants