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Up Close with Synchrony Financial’s BLP

up close_Synchrony Financial's BLPDavidson grad Dan Hagemann ’15 recently completed his first year in Synchrony Financial’s Business Leadership Program. Synchrony Financial (SYF), completing the separation from GE Capital, created its Business Leadership Program (BLP) to begin developing future leaders of the company. Dan, now a full-time BLP, shares his experiences from the Program and answers some typical questions about SYF with you below:

“What is the Business Leadership Program, and why did you apply to it?” 

The Program is a 2-year program at Synchrony Financial consisting of three 8-month rotations. Each entry class of BLPs contains roughly 50 BLPs. When you enter the Program, you enter under one “track,” and each of your three rotations provides a different experience within that track. Nine different tracks are offered, ranging from HR to IT to Data Analytics. Mine is Credit, in which I’ve done rotations in Deal Underwriting and Credit Risk.

The rotational nature of the Program still to this day remains my biggest personal draw towards the Program. When preparing to graduate Davidson, I was interested in doing consulting, but I realized that the Business Leadership Program provided that same short-term assignment structure that I admired in a lot of consulting firms. Also, it was clear to me that Synchrony was very serious about investing in its Program participants and valued its employees, both large priorities for me.

“How did you get the job, or at least, what made you a good fit for Synchrony’s BLP?” 

As an Economics major at Davidson, I felt very confident about my quantitative and reasoning skills – I’d later realize that they weren’t all that special – which I figured would be important for a position in Credit. However, it became really clear to me throughout the interview process that Synchrony placed quite a bit of weight on leadership abilities and what SYF now calls “Critical Experiences,” and I was able to point out some examples of those abilities and experiences from my time at Davidson, whether related to Wrestling or studying in India and Spain.

“What have been the highlights of the Business Leadership Program so far?” 

We’ve had quite a year packed with several awesome experiences, but I’ll try to boil it down to three main points:

  •  Meeting our CEO Margaret Keane as the very first experience I had at Synchrony (9:00am, Monday morning – not kidding!). I’ve been lucky enough to speak with her a couple of times since then, but meeting our fearless leader will remain one of my favorite events that my class experienced.
  •  Traveling to different SYF sites across the country for three weeks as one of our signature Cross-Functional Experiences. We dedicated the three weeks to learning about Sales & Relationship Management, a function none of us work in currently. It brought my class a lot closer together, and we were able to present our findings directly to the CEO and her direct reports at their Management Committee meeting.
  •  Every year in July, the BLP Symposium provides a week-long opportunity for BLPs to reconnect at our headquarters in Stamford with various functions as an orientation for the new class. The improvements that we saw both in our fellow BLPs and Program growth overall in one year were astounding.
SYF employees participating in the 2016 BLP Symposium.
SYF employees participating in the 2016 BLP Symposium.


“What advice would you give to someone interested in applying to the Business Leadership Program?” 

So, my primary advice here applies to any job, not just the Program. Aside from the given of getting to know fellow alumni at the companies you’d like to work at, I think it’s essential that you ask smart questions and show a good knowledge of a company’s business model or nuances to demonstrate both ability and interest. A few really simple, informal test questions like, “How do we (SYF) make money?” can tell a lot about how interested a candidate is in the business, because the content is fundamental to every action we take as a company. Specific to the Program, carefully consider which track you want to be a part of and know how to demonstrate your leadership experience.

Dan will be on-campus for an information and networking session on September 13th. Students are welcome to reach out to him directly at or connect with him on LinkedIn.

If you’re interested in applying for the SYF Business Leadership Program, visit the Credit posting and Marketing posting in Handshake.  SYF is also recruiting for internship positions.    The application deadline for all positions is October 5 @ 11:59pm.

Wildcats in Washington: At the Intersection of Policy and Diplomacy


Original story written by Maria Antonia Bravo ’18, participant in the Davidson in Washington program.

Last year, I was in the heart of the Colombian jungle, seeking answers as to why the production of a fruit that a whole village depended on had significantly dropped. Fast forward a year, and I am stuck in the D.C. metro – among its multiple repairs and detours – trying to figure out which line and direction I should get on to get to my internship.

What do these two experiences have in common? Well, of course the protagonist (me), Davidson’s support, and the fear factor of the unknown and unfamiliar. Interning at the Meridian International Center while being part of the Davidson in Washington program has fostered a seamless intersection of my interests in political science and Latin American studies. At Meridian, I am working for the Young Leaders of the Americas Initiative (YLAI), a White House Initiative established by President Obama in 2016. YLAI will bring 250 social and business entrepreneurs from Latin America and the Caribbean to the U.S. in October for a four-week fellowship. During this time, the participants will be paired with a fellowship host from a U.S-based company with the goal of gaining valuable professional development skills to advance their own entrepreneurial ventures.

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Trial by Fire


Original post written by Molly Mathes ’17, participant in the DavidsonIE Internship Program.

Only two weeks of my internship had passed when I heard “trial by fire,” a phrase that I hadn’t realized I was missing until a prospective member jokingly described my job as such. I laughed it off but quickly realized how appropriately it described the way I was feeling early on. I’m now in my fourth week as the Community Ambassador for HQ Charlotte at Packard Place, a co-working facility and entrepreneurship hub at the heart of the quickly growing Charlotte start-up scene. Known as simply Packard Place when it was founded five years ago, Packard recently merged with HQ Community and joined several other HQ locations with the hope of becoming the premiere co-working network throughout the Southeast. The environment is fast-paced and full of new challenges each day, a feeling that straddles the line between energizing and overwhelming, especially during the first couple of weeks.

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What Does a Classics Major Know About Coding?


Original post written by Amanda Lee ’17, participant in the DavidsonIE Internship Program.

My fall semester spent studying environmental policy in the EU opened my eyes to the intricacies and excitement of the energy industry. After one semester of readings and lectures, as well as a trip to the Paris Climate Summit, I was hooked. I knew I wanted to pursue an internship in the energy industry.

Great for me, right? I finally had an answer to the painful question, “What do you want to do after graduation?” The issue, however, was that I’m a classics major. I study Latin and Attic Greek; I read philosophy as homework; I perform poetry in Latin for tests. The energy industry, especially renewable energy, relies heavily on complex geographic information systems, data mapping, and countless hours of data manipulation and coding. I’m not even allowed to bring computers to some of my classes. I was overwhelmed with self-doubt as I filled out applications: Thoughts like, “This is a waste of time,” and “no one is going to take me seriously” stopped me mid-page in my cover letters. After all, what does a classics major know about geospatial coding?


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Wildcats in Washington: Where Passion Meets PR

Wildcats in Washington

Original story written by Victoria Frost ’18, participant in the Davidson in Washington program.

This summer, I am interning at PR Collaborative, a small “boutique” public relations firm in Washington, D.C., serving clients in both policy and film. As a policy intern, I mostly work with foundations and campaigns addressing public health issues.

Working for an alumna, Kate Reuterswärd ’09, has been such a privilege. She is the quintessential Davidson grad—a spectacular leader, an innovative visionary and a passionate hard worker. She pushes me to edit and acquire new skills in an environment of endless learning and creative thinking. For example, once a week we gather as a policy team to show each other a new skill, a useful tool or an interesting article…

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Somebody Get Me a Dictionary

charleston-702x336Original story written by Will Naso ’18, participant in the DavidsonIE Internship Program.

In typical Davidson fashion, I don’t really know what I’m doing – but I’m attempting to work it out. Over the past two weeks, I have been thrust into the business world, wholly unprepared for the challenges and breadth of acronyms that awaited me.

I arrived on day one to this tiny office off Johnny Dodd Boulevard with three IKEA desks and a few guys in flip-flops. My first thought was, “Is this what business executives look like?” But I quickly learned that when working for high-powered entrepreneurs, office décor had no affect on daily operations…

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Davenport & Company: On-Campus Recruiting

DavenportEstablished in 1863, Davenport & Company LLC is one of the oldest employee-owned, independent financial services firms in America. Headquartered in Richmond, VA, the firm offers a complete range of investment services, including comprehensive stock and bond brokerage, investment management, research, financial planning, insurance, public finance, and corporate finance.

On Tuesday, November 17, Chazzo Habliston ’13 will join us on-campus to share information about the public finance internship with Davenport.  Andrew Pope ’16, participated in this internship during the summer of 2015 and answered a few questions for us.  If you are interested in applying to this opportunity, visit the full description in Handshake.  Applications are due November 28 at 11:59pm.

Andrew Pope '16 Economics major
Andrew Pope ’16
Economics major

How would you describe Davenport’s work environment to someone who doesn’t know?

The vibe in the Davenport offices really exemplifies some of the pros of working at a smaller firm. Primarily, this was shown through the interdepartmental relationships that Davenport employees have with others at the company.  During my internship specifically, I was working in the Public Finance division, but was urged to spend time in other parts of the firm in order to really understand the way a financial services firm works.

In terms of my work with the Public Finance group, I was given a chance to really fulfill some of the jobs that the full time analysts were expected to complete. I started my internship a few weeks before they on-boarded a new analyst and our learning processes and responsibilities were very similar. The faith that they showed in my abilities was extremely important in learning to take some pride in what I was doing. Senior bankers were always asking how the process was going for me and offered their help with any questions that I may have.

What did an average workday look like?

I usually got to work around 7:45am and spent the morning working on the long-term project that I was given for the summer. Around 10, the Associate or Analyst that I was assigned to for the week would come to my desk and talk to me about the project that they were working on at the moment. Usually these projects were financial analysis for clients about refunding bonds or a quickly approaching issuance of new bonds. The banker I was working for would then explain what they would like me to do over the next couple of days and give me several tasks to have completed by the end of the week. From that point on, I worked closely with the associate assigned to the project until it was completed.

What advice would you give other Davidson students interested in applying to Davenport?

I recommend getting in touch with people at the company. They can give you a realistic expectation of what a full time opportunity with the company looks like. I would also recommend practicing any technical skills you have so that you can complete any work that they give you in a timely manner. Lastly, attention to detail is something that is taken to the next level at a company that stresses quality service like Davenport does.

Online Interview Resources: Sara Muche’s Experience

–Original blog contribution by: Beza Baheru (’16)

Sara Muche

Meet Sara Salam Ayanaw Muche, class of 2017. She is a Public Health major who aspires to work as a physician in the future. During this past summer, she interned at Hamlin Fistula Hospital Rehabilitation Center in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. We had the opportunity to discuss her online interview experience related to her internship.

Q: During the last 3 years at Davidson, have you been interviewed for a position be it an internship, a job or a volunteering opportunity?

 Sara: For the International Grant application for summer internships, one of the requirements was to complete an online interview using InterviewStream.

Q: Were any of these interviews online? If so how did the process look like?

Sara: The process forInterviewStream was very simple. I had to create an account and I had access to the interview question. There was a pdf file that career services provided that told me how to prepare (how to dress, what the area of the room should look like, etc.).

Q:  Prior to your online interview(s), how did you prepare for it? What resources did you tap into? Did you go to the Davidson Career Development website to find helpful resources?

 Sara: The resources to prepare for the interview were all located on the Career Development website. I used the InterviewStream pre-recorded best practices sheet to help. This tip sheet was easily accessible on the description for the grant I was applying for.

Q:  What were the most helpful features of the website you used? Were you able to review your interview and make a note to yourself?

Sara: I found the ability to record my interview multiple times to be the most helpful feature of InterviewStream. While this does not prepare me for interviews in person, it helped me determine the key aspects I should highlight during an interview. Another helpful tool is the sound feature, for someone like me that can often talk relatively softly, this feature made sure I was projecting my voice.

Q: What do you recommend for students who have online interviews in terms of preparation and the actual interview?

Sara: In terms of preparation, I would recommend that students go through the InterviewStream pre-recorded best practices sheet. I would also make sure that the individuals have a general idea of what they will be asked and prepare short responses or bullet points for possible questions. For the actual interview, the tip sheet is also very helpful. I would also recommend for students to go to a quiet area to prevent from unwanted disturbances and sounds from interfering with the interview.

Huron Consulting Group: A New (to Davidson) Name in Consulting

huron logo

Huron Consulting Group stands out as one of the fastest growing financial and operational consulting firms in the industry, serving clients in the healthcare, education, legal, life sciences, and business advisory sectors. The Davidson-Huron relationship began with the Healthcare practice in 2014-15 when we shared their summer internship opportunity. After a successful first run with Haley Rhodes ’16 during the summer of 2015, Huron Healthcare is back! This time, the practice is recruiting for their full-time Consulting Analyst positions.

In an effort to help Davison students get better acquainted with the practice, we connected with current recruiting coordinator, Megan Krizmanich. Megan began her career with Huron after graduating from The University of Notre Dame and served three years as a consultant before transitioning to her current role. Students will have the opportunity to meet Megan on-campus Monday, September 21 for an information session at 7:30pm in Alvarez 209. She will also be conducting one-on-one informational interviews on Tuesday, September 22 – limited space is available for these interviews.  The deadline for the full-time Huron Healthcare Consulting Analyst position is September 30.

We also reached out to Haley Rhodes ’16 to learn about her experience with the summer internship program. Haley, a graduating senior double majoring in Public Health and Hispanic Studies, spent some time speaking with CCD Employer Relations Ambassador, Chelsea Alexander ’18.

Read on for portions of our Q&As with Megan and Haley to learn more about Huron Consulting Group. We hope to see you in-person Monday at 7:30pm in Alvarez 209.


CCD: What drew you personally to the Healthcare Consulting role when you started at Huron? 

Megan Krizmanich: I started my undergraduate studies confident I was going to medical school, but I quickly changed my mind after standing in on my first surgery… I was still very passionate about the healthcare industry, but wanted to focus more on the business side.  Huron Healthcare fit the mold and after I met with people at the firm, I was sold!


CCD: How would you describe Huron’s work environment to someone who doesn’t know?

Haley Rhodes: A lot like Davidson culture. Collaborative. Immediately the team wanted me to succeed. They gave me a lot of responsibility from the first day and allowed me to do hospital unit observations on my own in the hospital once they knew I was comfortable. It gave me a lot of confidence. My teammates would say, “Come sit next to me, I’ll teach you how to do this analysis in Excel and whenever you have a question just ask.” I also had a development meeting every week with my supervisor where she would ask what I wanted to learn and what things I had done that I really enjoyed.


CCD: What did an average workday look like for you in the internship?

Haley: Monday and Thursday were travel days. I would wake up and go to the airport—a lot of the team traveling from Chicago would go on a plane together, then work out of the team room in our hotel. Then, we would do observations in the hospital and go on rounds or be in the team room doing projects, doing analyses or talking with our client counterparts. Other days, we would work at the hospital—leave from the hotel, go to the hospital, and work in the corporate room of the hospital and talk and lead trainings or conduct observations.


CCD: What is a common mistake you see candidates make during the application process?

Megan: Candidates tend to get caught up in selling themselves and can come across insincere.  Recognize that recruiting is a two way street; it is a chance for employers to learn more about your background, but at the same time it is a chance for you to learn more about companies and determine if it is a fit for you too.


CCD: Aside from academic experience, is there anything you particularly look for on a resume?  

Megan: Extracurricular; being involved at school, in your community, during the summer, etc.  A big challenge in consulting is time management.  If you are involved in extracurricular and successful in school, it clearly demonstrates that you already possess time management skills.


CCD: What advice would you give other Davidson students interested in applying to Huron?

Haley: I recommend reaching out to people at the firm to understand what it is like to be a consultant because the lifestyle is one to consider. I would also suggest practicing and honing organizational and quantitative skills, being comfortable with numbers and analysis, and taking initiative because I think doing that helped me to stand out.








2014-2015 Summer Internship Grant Donors

Thanks to the generosity of numerous alumni, parents and friends of Davidson, 45 students received $105,500.00 in funding for Summer 2015 internships.  These students received grants up to $5,000 to assist with cost of living expenses associated with pursuing unpaid or low-paying internships.  Our sincere appreciation goes out to the following alumni, parents and foundations:

  1. Adabayeri, Lionel W. ’14
  2. Adams, Andrew D. ’10
  3. Adams, John M. ’91
  4. Al Mazrui, Faris S. ’07
  5. Alford, Peter T. ’75
  6. Allaire, Keith – parent
  7. Angel, Mark L. ’13
  8. Arutyunyan, Yevgeniya V. ’00
  9. Astle, Nancy – parent
  10. Augsburger, Ashley L. ’12
  11. Autio, Eric D. ’95
  12. Aycock, Perry W. ’63 – parent
  13. Ball, Elisabeth S. ’89
  14. Bank of America Foundation
  15. Barker, Stacy J. ’11
  16. Barron, Laura M. ’01
  17. Baskett, Miche D. ’95
  18. Bates, Paige C. ’11
  19. Beardsley, Eileen ’04
  20. Becerra, Andrea E. ’13
  21. Benbow, Peter D. ’07
  22. Bentley, Anna M. ’96
  23. Betournay, Jennifer L. ’01
  24. Bhattacharjee, Arindam ’91
  25. Bianchini, Peter J. – parent
  26. Blakney, Jared A. ’14
  27. Bleecher, Courtney M. ’05
  28. Blue, Henry M. ’06
  29. Bogo, Jessica R. ’02
  30. Dan & Merrie Boone Foundation
  31. Boone III, Daniel W. ’66 – parent
  32. Boone, Ethel B. – parent
  33. Boone, Virginia A. ’11
  34. Bosoms Hernandez, Maria d. ’15
  35. Boswell, Haley C. ’04
  36. Boswell, Patrick M. ’04
  37. Bourgeois, Kristen J. ’15
  38. Bowers, Sarah C. ’14
  39. Bradley, Luke A. ’14
  40. Brahim, Carly R. ’15
  41. Brandt, Rachael T. ’96
  42. Bray, William P. ’89
  43. Breda, Deborah E. ’13
  44. Bressler, Elizabeth S. ’09
  45. Britt, Amanda T. ’01
  46. Brothers, Barbara ’74
  47. Brown, James M. ’83
  48. Brownell, Lindsay K. ’10
  49. Bruner, Lee C. ’04
  50. Buckingham, John D. ’08
  51. Bui, Gloria T. ’14
  52. Burkholder, Elizabeth A. ’07
  53. Burns, Jennifer C. ’12
  54. Burns, Miles B. ’14
  55. Bush, Daniel M. ’10
  56. Capone, Matthew B. ’11
  57. Carolla, Peter C. ’06
  58. Ceremsak, Katherine A. ’12
  59. Chapman, John-Michael L. ’07
  60. Christopher, Caroline M. ’83 – parent
  61. Ciliotta-Rubery, Andrea – parent
  62. Clark, Rebecca C. ’82 – parent
  63. Clarkson, Emily E. ’12
  64. Cleek, William S. – parent
  65. Clinkscales, Carlton M. ’85
  66. Cloaninger, Everette L. ’50
  67. Coker-Schwimmer, Alexandra E. ’10
  68. Coker-Schwimmer, Emmanuel J. ’09
  69. Community Foundation of Western North Carolina
  70. Corne, Ray G. ’74
  71. Coslett, Daniel E. ’05
  72. Craig, Carlton S. ’93
  73. Culp, Craig C. ’70
  74. Dattelbaum, Kristine G. ’03
  75. Davidson Village Inn
  76. Davis, Anna W. ’95
  77. Davis, James A. ’84
  78. de Visscher, Patrick M. ’09
  79. Decker, Dinah J. ’14
  80. DeLoache, Katherine D. ’08
  81. DeLoache, William C. ’09
  82. Demko, Andrew J. ’03
  83. Demopoulos, Cherie J. – parent
  84. Dempsey, Bert J. ’83 – parent
  85. Dennis, Melinda D. ’87
  86. Dennis, Patricia M. ’87
  87. DeVries, James T. ’94
  88. DiFiore, Paul M. ’13
  89. Ding, Y R. – parent
  90. Walt Disney Company
  91. Donnan, Mary F. ’84
  92. Douglass, Julianne G. ’77
  93. Douglass, Robert D. ’76
  94. Dover, Alice G. ’14
  95. DuBose, Frank E. ’65
  96. Dulin, Davison R. ’80 – parent
  97. Dunagan, Alison W. ’05
  98. Dunn, Wendy G. ’90
  99. Durante, Keith R. ’14
  100. Durbin, Sarah V. ’15
  101. Dwyer, Thomas – parent
  102. DyBuncio, Victoria – parent
  103. Eckert, Clare M. ’85
  104. Eckl, Suzanne E. ’09
  105. Edmunds, Amy L. ’80
  106. Elton, Nathan J. – friend
  107. Endersby, Kelly – parent
  108. Epstein, Kathleen E. ’10
  109. Evans, Janice P. ’86
  110. Evans, Mary Lee S. ’99
  111. Evans, Nicholas W. ’14
  112. Evans, Sally N. ’99
  113. Everett, Jenny M. ’97
  114. Farabee, Roger D. ’80
  115. Farrior, Hugh L. ’49 – parent
  116. Farrior-Rydgren, Ruth L. ’85
  117. Ferguson, William C. ’05
  118. Fiallo, Francisco J. ’09
  119. Finn, Ashleigh P. ’05
  120. Fleming, Catherine D. ’08
  121. Fleming, Edward D. ’06
  122. Follett
  123. Forio, Phoebe E. ’82
  124. Forrest, Anika S. ’11
  125. Francis, Charles R. ’11
  126. Francis, Molly M. ’10
  127. Frank, Kaela A. ’11
  128. Fuentes, Brittany R. ’02
  129. Fukui, Olivia E. ’15
  130. Furr, James E. ’68 – parent
  131. Gabrielson, Courtney C. ’13
  132. Gadaire, Andrew P. ’12
  133. Garrison, John D. ’55
  134. Gauthier, Benjamin P. ’14
  135. Gelly, Cordelia C. ’82
  136. Gelly, James V. ’81
  137. Gidley, Bridget – parent
  138. Gill, Terra D. ’02
  139. Gilmer, Benjamin P. ’92
  140. Gilmer, John C. ’57 – parent
  141. Glance, Carlyle M. ’13
  142. Glance, Ellyson L. – student
  143. Goodwin, Randal S. ’80
  144. Grant, Julia D. ’89
  145. Graver, Molly L. ’91
  146. Green, John G. ’06
  147. Greening, Paul C. ’13
  148. Gregory, Jennifer – parent
  149. Gresham, John W. ’67
  150. Griffin, Mary B. ’85
  151. Groves, Aubrey E. ’06
  152. Gryska, Anna v. ’11
  153. Guill, Marshall A. ’69 – parent
  154. Gul, Fahd ’99
  155. Gulotta, Rachel T. ’12
  156. Gunn, George W. ’47 – parent
  157. Gustafson, Sarah H. ’14
  158. Hackman, Mary E. – parent
  159. Haddad, Devin A. ’10
  160. Hagans, Rebecca C. – parent
  161. Hall, William H. ’88
  162. Hamilton, William J. ’50
  163. Hardman, Matthew J. ’97
  164. Harris, Jonathan M. ’93
  165. Hart, Charles G. ’04
  166. Hasan, Rasheedah ’96
  167. Hasty, Lisa A. ’81 – parent
  168. Hay, Herrick R. ’77 – parent
  169. Hay, Sarah A. ’14
  170. Heeren, Mary M. – parent
  171. Henderson, Peter M. – parent
  172. Henson, Kenneth M. ’13
  173. Herlong, Jackson D. ’06
  174. Hesson, Nicole L. ’04
  175. Highet, Christine L. ’09
  176. Hiken, James N. – parent
  177. Hile, Scott R. ’95
  178. Hindsley, Charlotte A. ’07
  179. Holt-Bogdan, Elizabeth H. ’00
  180. Hooper, Charles N. ’55
  181. Hoopes, Linda L. ’81
  182. Horne, Paul A. ’79
  183. Hotel Development & Mgmt. Group, LLC
  184. Howard, Colby C. ’12
  185. Hsuan, Frederick C. ’95
  186. Hudgins, Christopher C. ’68
  187. Hudson, Frederick M. ’55
  188. Huntly, Rory T. ’06
  189. Ing, Charles – parent
  190. Jacks, Timothy F. ’90
  191. Jackson, LaCrystal J. ’98
  192. Jacob, Michael W. ’71
  193. Jin, Cheng ’12
  194. Johnson, Adrian D. ’00
  195. Johnson, Matthew K. ’12
  196. Jolly, Carole L. ’84
  197. Jones, William L. ’87
  198. Kahn, Henry D. – parent
  199. Kalivoda, Katherine R. ’14
  200. Kansupada, Ameesha P. ’89
  201. Keaton, Mary C. ’14
  202. Kejriwal, Tanvi ’14
  203. Kelly, Kristin A.’89 – parent
  204. The Ed & Dorothy Kendall Foundation
  205. Kendall, Edward M. – parent
  206. Kennedy, Natalia M. ’09
  207. Kennedy, Walter A. ’65
  208. Kent, Jeffrey D. ’96
  209. Kepchar, James K. ’78
  210. King, Hardin W. ’55
  211. Kline, Laura L. ’87
  212. Kluttz, George L. ’67
  213. Konrad, Kyle W. ’09
  214. Kornegay, Sydney B. ’11
  215. Krause, Benjamin P. ’13
  216. Kruter, Nicholas A. ’11
  217. Kyei, Pearl S. ’05
  218. Lacayo, Carlos-Andres ’02
  219. Lackey, Laurie B. ’79 – parent
  220. Lanners, Jay T. ’11
  221. Leachman, Nathaniel T. ’01
  222. Ledford, Morgan T. ’97
  223. Lee, Alice C. ’06
  224. Lee, Wendy M. ’94
  225. Legerton, Fitzhugh M. ’47
  226. Leib-Kreisberg, Amie – parent
  227. Lemm, Bettina E. ’13
  228. Leopold, Mary F. ’79
  229. Libson, Alexander R. ’07
  230. Lipscomb, George B. ’90
  231. Llewellyn, Robert R. ’63
  232. Long, Roderick R. ’83
  233. Lotz, Matthew T. ’11
  234. Low, Blakely E. ’10
  235. Lucas, Katherine S. ’07
  236. MacKnyght, Julie P. ’04
  237. Maghini, Monica – parent
  238. Mailander, Elizabeth B. ’85
  239. Marathon Oil Company
  240. Marti, Heidi ’10
  241. Martin, Henry B. ’14
  242. Martin, Joseph P. ’63
  243. McAlister, James D. ’01
  244. McClure, Archibald ’06
  245. McClure, Emily M. ’06
  246. McCormick, Brennan G. ’13
  247. McDonald, Andrew T. ’80
  248. McDonald, Lisa B. ’81
  249. McGehee, Margaret T. ’97
  250. McGrady, Michael J. ’80
  251. McKee, William D. – parent
  252. McNeely, Samuel E. ’70
  253. McPhaul, Elbert ’54
  254. Melby, Jessica E. ’13
  255. Melton, George E. ’54
  256. Merrill, Daniel R. ’14
  257. Milligan, Catherine C. ’93
  258. Mintz, Evan S. ’11
  259. Mittelstadt, Jeffrey M. ’99
  260. Mittelstadt, Susanne M. – parent
  261. Montgomery, James H. ’55
  262. Montgomery, Whitney H. ’87
  263. Morel, Eric G. ’09
  264. Morris, Catherine N. ’10
  265. Morse, Sarah G. ’08
  266. Motley, Phillip M. ’91
  267. Muller, Patrick J. ’12
  268. Musiitwa, Jacqueline M. ’03
  269. Nabeshima, Mika ’91
  270. Naisby, Claire A. ’12
  271. Nash-Webber, Andrew J. ’01
  272. Nash-Webber, Christina C. ’01
  273. Neff, Ashley T. – friend
  274. Neff, Kristina H. ’07
  275. Neubauer, Joshua M. ’95
  276. Newsome, James D. ’83 – parent
  277. Norris, Anna M. ’96
  278. Obidegwu, Nwamaka U. ’08
  279. O’Brown, Natasha M. ’10
  280. O’Connell, Marissa C. ’11
  281. O’Donnell, Ashley R. ’07
  282. Ogden, George P. ’11
  283. O’Kelley, Robert F. ’67
  284. Olin, Jonathan H. ’95
  285. Olin, PerMar Q. ’96
  286. O’Reilly, Francesca F. ’92
  287. Orozco-Lince, Gustavo A. ’14
  288. Osgood, Michael J. ’01
  289. Oxner, David J. ’02
  290. Parker, Ashley B. ’14
  291. Parra, Alvavo G. – parent
  292. Parra, Anne S. – parent
  293. Patusky, Alice K. ’94
  294. Pelczynski, Melissa J. ’86
  295. Pellarin, Daniel J. ’82
  296. Pellarin, Sally D. ’82
  297. Perez, Lorena P. ’12
  298. Perkins, Jessica M. ’05
  299. Perry, Scott R. – parent
  300. Pew Charitable Trusts
  301. Pfister, Anne M. ’87 – parent
  302. Pfister, Daryl R. ’86 – parent
  303. Phillips, Chieko T. ’09
  304. Pilon, J. B. ’04
  305. Poe, George W. ’74
  306. Pomeroy, William L. ’58 – parent
  307. Powell, Ronald M. ’76
  308. Prohasky, Mario G. ’05
  309. Quackenbush, Teri B. ’80
  310. R. J. Reynolds Foundation
  311. Ramella, Catherine E. ’03
  312. Raney, Lee S. ’79
  313. Reed, Frederick E. ’65
  314. Regen, Jon W. ’56 – parent
  315. Reynolds, John M. ’87
  316. Riehl, Samuel P. ’15
  317. Riley, Susanna T. ’13
  318. Rinkevich, Rebecca H. ’15
  319. Rissing, Sabrina N. ’06
  320. Rivera, Natasha D. ’12
  321. Rodriguez, Katrina ’12
  322. Roos, Julia K. ’93
  323. Rosen, Brittany M. ’11
  324. Ross, Michael P. ’12
  325. Rubenstein, Edith – parent
  326. Rufh, Courtney L. ’15
  327. Russell, Michael T. ’75
  328. Ryan, Laura B. ’99
  329. Ryan, Stephen E. ’99
  330. Sadowski, Sarah J. ’93
  331. Sanguinetti, Mariah M. ’14
  332. Sarafova, Sophia D. – friend
  333. Sargent, Michael C. ’13
  334. Satterwhite, Sarah K. ’11
  335. Saucedo, Marlo C. ’91
  336. Scholz, Amber H. ’02
  337. Schwartz, Catherine T. ’03
  338. Schwartz, Jeremy V. ’03
  339. Seaverns, Molly – parent
  340. Seaverns, Molly ’08
  341. Shealy, Julia L. ’93
  342. Silveira, Jorge L. ’81
  343. Smith, Andrew L. ’80 – parent
  344. Smith, Kathelene M. – parent
  345. Sood, Anil K. ’86
  346. Sousa, Laura D. ’10
  347. Squires, Jonathan C. ’06
  348. Staton, Erin K. ’05
  349. Stephan, Catherine M. ’15
  350. Stephan, Marian – parent
  351. Stone, Marion S. ’89
  352. Straka, John – parent
  353. Streb, Stephen P. ’12
  354. Stutts, Lauren A. ’05
  355. Suiters, Michael L. ’10
  356. Sundberg, Richard J. – parent
  357. Tarbet, Carol – friend
  358. Taylor, Alex N. ’13
  359. The Teague Group
  360. Teague, Barry A. ’65
  361. Teague, Dennard L. ’82 – parent
  362. Teague, John B. ’82 – parent
  363. Teasley, Myles C. ’14
  364. Templin, James E. ’51
  365. Theodorou, Ilias ’11
  366. Thompson, Jeanne P. ’87
  367. Thornton, Robert ’74 – parent
  368. Tinkler, David K. ’78
  369. Trantham, Jeremy C. ’03
  370. Trathen, Elizabeth C. ’87 – parent
  371. Treible, Jordan E. ’14
  372. Troy, Daniel C. ’04
  373. Tullo, Nicole W. ’95
  374. Turner, Aubrey W. ’72 – parent
  375. Van Dyke, Benjamin P. ’09
  376. Vang, Nengher N. ’99
  377. Waddill, Dan W. ’83 – parent
  378. Wallace, Robert W. ’73 – parent
  379. Waller, Christopher L. ’87
  380. Wang, Yuxi ’14
  381. Warner, Susan – parent
  382. Welliver, Paul S. – parent
  383. Wells Fargo & Company
  384. White, Taylor E. ’13
  385. Wilhelm, Jennifer C. ’01
  386. Wilhelm, Martin F. ’01
  387. Williams, Tyler S. ’15
  388. Wilson, Carolyn E. ’89
  389. Wilson, Gerald L. ’58
  390. Winchester, Rush B. ’73
  391. Wiser, Andrew C. ’98
  392. Withrow, Jerry W. ’70
  393. Worah, Vashist ’92
  394. Wright, Jordan K. ’14
  395. Yi, Hong – parent
  396. Yoder, Robert C. ’74
  397. York, Adam G. ’06
  398. Zavisho, Stefani B. ’14
  399. Zhu, Yuchen ’16
  400. Zimmerman, Theodore H. ’10